You're Next.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Ross and Eli go toe to toe, Natalie finds James' bullet necklace, and Cole confesses his feelings to Hannah...

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On the docks, Ross informs Eli that Dani's missing. "How could you let this happen?" Eli asks. "I'll lose everything I worked so hard for." Ross wonders what Eli's talking about. Eli reminds Ross of everything he did so Ross could get custody of Dani. Ross suggests Eli take off and get a new identity. Eli wants to use Dani to squeeze every penny out of Todd. Ross refuses to give Dani back to Todd. "What if she's not yours to give?" Eli prompts. All Ross cares about is that Dani's his legally. Ross goes to call the police, to see if they've found Dani, but Eli pulls a gun on him! "I'm your brother," Ross says. "You won't kill me." Eli blames Ross for pulling him into his mess once again. He had a nice life before Ross contacted him again. Ross is shocked to hear that Eli killed Tea. "You're next," Eli warns. He shoots Ross then pushes his body into the Llantano River. Ross calls out Dani's name. Eli assures him he and Dani will be together again soon.


Cole runs into Natalie, who's searching the premises, as he's leaving the Manning Estate. She shows him James' bullet necklace and asks if Cole's ever seen it before? Cole denies ever having seen it but admits it would take a total jerk to wear something like that. Starr appears and Cole suggests Natalie ask her if 'this jerk' has a name. Cole leaves. Natalie forces Starr to admit that the necklace belongs to James. Starr claims she had the necklace and must've dropped it. She wonders if Natalie's ever gotten stuck with something that didn't quite fit. Natalie has. She gives Starr back the necklace, comments that Cole didn't seem very happy to see it then leaves.


James pleads with Ford to stay quiet. Ford tells James to hide then opens his apartment door to Brody. "What are you hiding?" Brody asks. After Ford scrambles a bit, Brody admits, "I'm here about Jessica." James listens as Brody fills Ford in on the stress Jessica has been under. "Is she okay?" Ford asks. "What's it to you?" Brody replies and warns Ford that there will not be a fight over this baby. Ford assures him he'll stay out of the situation. Before Brody leaves, he questions Ford about Dani and orders him to call if he finds out where she is. Once Brody is gone, James reappears and asks, "You could be a father?" Ford explains what happened with Jessica and denies wanting anything to do with her baby. James wonders how he could cut this baby loose just like their mom did with them. Ford turns talk back to Dani and agrees to let her stay there. He makes it clear he's not doing it for Nate. Ford can't stand Brody's smugness and would never do anything to help him out. After Ford leaves, Starr arrives.


At the mansion, Kelly stops Dorian from giving Blair sleeping pills. Blair beats herself up for Dani being missing. Suddenly, Todd barges in past security and informs everyone that Eli is alive. Todd's worried for Blair's safety. He admits he knows who has Dani but that he doesn't know where she is. The important thing is she's safe. Todd begs Blair to let him hide her. He lost Tea and doesn't want to lose Blair too. Blair agrees to pack up the boys and leave. Todd heads out to get things in order. "Hurry back," Blair says.


Outside, Dorian pleads with Kelly to let the police handle this. Kelly refuses to rest until Eli pays. Kelly worries Eli will get away with murder again.


Todd goes to the docks and is faced with Eli who's aiming his gun straight at him.


Hannah finds Brody's patient folder at Marty's and begins reading Marty's notes, which suggest Brody is hiding something. Marty arrives and snaps at Hannah for having her confidential files. Hannah claims she found them on the floor then takes off to start dinner. Marty stops her. She has to be somewhere and won't be able to have dinner with her. After Marty leaves, Cole arrives. He admits he doesn't want Hannah to keep her distance. Starr hasn't stayed away from James, so why should he stay away from Hannah. She assures Cole that Starr loves him. Cole admits he's been a hypocrite. Starr has feelings for James and he has feelings for someone else too. Hannah doesn't want to hear something Cole doesn’t really mean. Cole kisses Hannah!


Nora brings Bo lunch to his office. They briefly talk about Dani being missing and Eli being alive. They work on their cases over lunch and admit how much they miss each other. Bo grabs Nora and says, "We're going to blow this joint."


Marty arrives at the station. She briefly says hello to Brody and refuses to tell Natalie why she's there to see John. Natalie freaks out when Brody admits that Marty's been helping him deal with their secret. Brody assures Natalie that he didn't get into details with Marty. Now that Jessica is on bed rest, he agrees for now it's best to stay quiet about their affair. Natalie warns Brody to find a new therapist and walks away with him. Marty watches them go.


Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Cole pulls away from his kiss with Hannah.

Inez relays to Ford that Clint is going to help get his job back.

Starr comes across something unexpected in her apartment.

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