Saving The Enemy

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Michael saves Spencer, Todd, Starr & Dorian worry about Blair's condition, Paige delivers the news to Spencer that he's not Blair's baby's father, Rex & Adriana try to be there for Starr, Bo has no choice but to take Todd to the station...

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In Angels Square, Rex brings Adriana some hot chocolate and they talk about Dorian's latest scheme to buy Adriana's love.

Vincent storms into the station, with Cris and Evangeline in tow, and tells Antonio that it was his building that burned down. Antonio says that they found a body, and Vincent says it was Ted. Suddenly, Layla comes in and gives Vincent her sympathy. Vincent tells Antonio that the fire was arson and that Ted was murdered!


When Antonio asks Vincent if he has any idea who would burn his building down, Cris steps forward, looks to Vincent and says, "I know You!" While Cris doesn't think that Vincent would intentionally kill Ted, but he does think that he may have burned the building down for the insurance money. Vincent denies it and says he didn't have the building insured and that someone is out to get him! Antonio instructs Vincent to come home saying they'll call him if they find anything out.

When John wakes up, although he's in pain, he wants to leave the hospital! Natalie reminds him not to push himself, and John makes him get her a pen so he can try to work his hand muscles. A nurse comes in with pain pills, and John refuses to take them. Natalie tells John that she'll call Bo to find out what's going on only if he takes the medicine! John swallows the pills.


With Spencer bleeding to death, Michael suggests that they do a procedure using an experimental drug that Spencer had been working on. After administering the drug, Spencer responds and the assisting doctor tells Michael that he saved Dr. Truman's life.

In surgery, a nurse comments that in order to save Blair, the baby may not make it. Suddenly, they can't find the baby's heartbeat! The nurses scramble to get Blair stabilized while hope of the baby surviving fades away


Dorian joins Bo and Starr at the hospital where she asks Bo if Blair's going to lose the baby. Todd comes up behind her in handcuffs and asks what Dorian knows about the baby. He wants to know if Blair was telling him the truth and asks if the baby was his. When Dorian backs up Blair's claim, Starr hugs her father with excitement. Bo tells Todd that he has proof that Todd had been holding Spencer in the warehouse. Although Bo wants to bring Todd to the station, Marty convinces Bo to let Todd spend some time with Starr.


Adriana and Rex arrive at the hospital to find out that Blair is in surgery and pregnant! As Rex and Adriana sit and wait, Rex sees how upset Dorian is and comments that maybe Adriana should give her a break.

Cole asks Marty if it's possible that Starr's dad pushed Blair off the roof. While Marty doesn't want to admit it, she says that Todd's capable of anything.

Vincent goes to see John. When asked why he's there, Vincent says he needed to talk and that he wishes Hugh was there. John urges Vincent to talk and hears that Ted was killed. Vincent goes on to say it was arson and that the Llanview police aren't taking him seriously. John says, "So, you want my help?" Vincent wants John to talk to Antonio and tells him that if the police don't help him, he'll get a little 'unofficial' help from a certain forensics redhead! John assures him that Natalie is a smart girl, and if she wants to help, he doesn't have a problem with it. As though they were two old friends, Vincent talks about his childhood and suggests that maybe someone from his past, someone he wronged, may have torched his building.

Natalie comes in and asks what Vincent's doing there. However, Vincent leaves and John demands to know what Natalie found out about Spencer. She tells John about Spencer and Blair and says that Michael saved Spencer's life. Natalie tries to calm John as he flips out about Michael saving the man who killed their father!

In the hospital chapel, Starr prays for God to save her mom and the baby. Todd stands off to the side clearly filled with worry. Starr asks Todd if he really pushed Blair off the roof and he says no. Starr tells her father that she believes him.

Outside of Blair's room, Todd says, "I love you Blair, please come back to me," as he thinks back on how Blair professed her love to him during his execution.


Paige comes out and tells everyone that Blair made it, but it's too soon to know the outcome of the surgery. After Adriana assures Todd that she'll watch Starr, Todd goes to the station with Bo to give his statement. Todd tells Rex and Adriana to keep Cole away from his daughter!

Michael comes out of the operating room and tells Paige that Spencer is going to make it. However, he says that if he 'd lost Spencer on the table, he wouldn't have cared!

When Spencer wakes up, Michael is standing over him. He tells Spencer that he's going to make sure he pays for everything he's done. Paige also informs Spencer that Blair's baby is not his!

Dorian prays for God to help Blair "I don't want to lose her."

At the station, Bo tells Todd that Spencer is going to make it. He encourages Todd to tell him what happened on the roof. However, Todd is furious that Bo won't let him be with Blair and says that if something happens to Blair or his baby, he's going to go after Spencer Truman!

In the operating room, the doctor finally gets Blair's bleeding to stop. Although she says that Blair was lucky to have come through the surgery alive, she goes on to say, "As for the baby"

Next on One Life to Live: Michael delivers some bad news to Todd, Cristian helps the less fortunate, Nora & Evangeline have a conversation about Cristian, Todd & Marty clash and Vincent gets news that the fire was arson...

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