Why Are You Lying To Me?

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Cole questions Starr, James admits he's hiding Dani, and John tells Todd that Eli's alive...

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Brody questions Nate and Todd at the station. Ross insists they know where Dani is. Todd thinks Dani wanted nothing to do with Ross and ran. Ross brings up the last time she took off with the help of a boy. Brody questions Nate again. He claims he'd be with Dani now if he hid her and says, "I lost Dani too." Brody pulls Ross off of Todd when he attacks him and takes him away. Once alone, Todd asks Nate, "Where is she?" Nate claims he has no idea. Todd grabs Nate but is forced to let go of him when Brody returns and says, "You're free to go." Nate tries to leave. Todd stops him and assures Nate that he can tell him. Ross reappears and Todd acts as though he's bullying Nate to make sure he's not holding out on them.


Cole finds Starr at the Manning Estate. He wonders if Starr is telling the cops the truth, that she doesn't know where Dani is. Starr appears nervous. Cole drags her outside and asks, "Why are you lying to me?" Starr admits Dani's with James. Cole accuses Starr of lying to him because she didn't want him to know she's involved with James again. Starr reiterates that this was Nate and James' idea. Cole doesn't like being left in the dark. This had nothing to do with James… Starr did this to help Nate and Dani. She wonders if Cole's forgotten how they ran away, how they would've done anything to be together. Cole understands their motives but worries Starr will get arrested for being an accomplice. Starr thinks he's only worried because James is involved. Nate arrives and asks Starr to call James. He wants to know how Dani's doing. Cole shakes his head and rolls his eyes. For Cole's benefit, Starr says she can't get further involved. Nate reminds Starr that the cops are tailing him and begs her to call. "Do what you have to do, Starr," Cole says after Nate leaves.


Vivian gives Shaun a pep talk at the hospital while he awaits Greg's arrival. Jessica appears. Shaun walks off and Vivian fills Jessica in on Greg's condition as they head into her office. After a checkup, Vivian admits Jessica has high blood pressure. It's clear Jessica's stress stems from the unknown paternity of her baby. Vivian urges Jessica to call Brody. She wants to talk to them both. Brody arrives and Vivian fills him in on Jessica's health. After she gives them some time alone, Brody blames himself. Jessica assures Brody that he did nothing wrong. She wanted him to be honest with his feelings. Brody promises to take care of her and the baby. They are all that matters.


Greg is brought into the hospital. Mrs. Evans demands to know from John how this happened to her son! Shaun comforts his mom, who sends Destiny in to be with Greg. John then admits that Eli is alive and tried to kill Greg. They refuse to believe that Greg was hiding Eli. Shaun recalls Greg's strange behavior then privately warns John to find Eli before he tries to finish off his brother.


Inside the exam room, Destiny holds Greg's hand and says, "You're the one who fixes people. Who's going to fix you?" Destiny cries and begs Greg to come back to them. Shaun and Mrs. Evans join her. Destiny expresses how different Greg has been lately. Shaun privately pleads with his mother to listen to what he and Destiny are saying. If Greg was mixed up in a murder it's their duty to find out why. Mrs. Evans can't imagine what Eli would be holding over Greg. Later, Mrs. Evans sits alone with Greg. She knows he'd do anything to help his siblings. If Eli got Greg to do his dirty work, Mrs. Evans thinks she knows why.


John arrives at the station, finds Todd and Ross arguing and asks, "What're you girls gabbing about? Anything I should know about?" Ross accuses Todd of kidnapping Dani. John pulls Todd aside and informs him that Eli is alive.


After Ford leaves his apartment, James comes out of his room and tells Dani, "It's all clear." Later, when Ford returns, James rushes Dani back into his room. Ford sees the two bowls of cereal on the counter and thinks James is hiding Starr from him. As Ford rants at James about staying away from Starr, James realizes his bullet necklace is gone. "Starr, come out before I drag you out!" Ford screams outside James' bedroom door. Dani appears and replies, "No one's dragging anyone out." Ford finds out Dani's sixteen and congratulates James for hooking up with their brother's younger girlfriend. James doesn't find Ford funny and is forced to admit, "I'm hiding her from her father." Ford is furious that James could be charged with kidnapping a minor and reminds him of the trouble they already have. Dani apologizes for causing so much trouble. Ford thinks Starr wrangled James into helping Dani. Dani explains what happened in court. Her dad just needs a little more time to figure this mess out. Ford orders James to take Dani back or he's going to call the cops himself. Suddenly, James gets a call from Starr. She asks after Dani. Brody bangs from outside the door. James hides Dani and begs Ford to stay quiet. He tells Starr this isn't a good time, as Starr calls after Cole, who walks out on her!


Ross leaves a message for Dani. As he goes to leave the docks, Eli appears and asks, "Looking for me?" Eli demands to know where Dani is and says, "We gotta get out of town!"


Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Ross and Eli go toe to toe at the docks.

Natalie finds James' bullet necklace.

Marty thinks Brody is hiding something.

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