Monday, December 18th, 2006

Blair & Spencer fall off a roof, Starr has a heart to heart with Marty, and Bo goes to arrest Todd just as he finds out that Blair is pregnant!

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On the rooftop, Spencer screams to Todd that he killed his son! When Blair arrives, she tries pulling Spencer off of Todd but finds herself being pulled over the edge by Spencer! As he looks over the edge, Todd calls out, "Blair!" When Todd reaches the street, he finds Blair unconscious and bleeding with Spencer close by lying next to a pile of rubbish. As Todd begs for Blair to wake up, Spencer slowly turns his head and says, "She's dead, Todd. You killed her!" Todd ignores Spencer and frantically calls 911. When Todd hangs up, Spencer begs for him not to move Blair. "What do you care?" Todd screams and Spencer says that he loves Blair with his whole life!


Suddenly, sirens fill the air and the ambulance arrives. When asked if anyone else is hurt, Todd says no and glances toward Spencer hoping that the paramedics don't see him. After the paramedics head to the hospital with Blair, Todd looks to Spencer and says this is payback for Spencer killing Todd's son! Todd leaves


Sitting with Jessica at Capricorn, Roxie tells her that she had a talk with Nash and accused him of being in love with Jessica. While Jessica watches Nash and Layla dancing, Roxie comments that that's the best way for Nash to get over his pain, to find someone else. Jessica appears to have regrets about setting Nash and Layla up.

When Layla and Nash join Jessica and Roxy, Jessica can't hide her jealousy. Roxy tells Jessica that Nash gave her a wine lesson and Layla comments that she'd like one, too. Just then, Layla's favorite song comes on she asks Nash to dance again. However, Jessica stops them and says she and Antonio need to go and that they all should go. Nash thanks her for tricking him into a wonderful evening and says he and Layla aren't ready for their date to end. Jessica fakes a smile and says, "You're welcome," then leaves with Antonio.


At Rodie's, Marty explains to Starr that she was only doing her job by testifying for Spencer. She sticks by her observation that Spencer is very sick. Bo arrives and asks Starr if she's talked to Todd and Blair. When Starr asks why he wants to know, Bo divulges that finding her parents may lead him to Spencer Truman. Bo wonders why Starr is out at this time of night and offers to take her home. As they're leaving, Bo gets a call. He hangs up, pulls Marty aside and tells her that Blair had an accident. Marty agrees to look after Starr and keep her at Rodie's. When Bo leaves, Marty suggests that they all have dinner. Cole leads Starr to a table.

Marty and Starr talk about what happened between her and Todd, and Starr apologizes to Marty for what her father did to her. Cole tells Starr that it's not her fault, but Starr still looks to Marty for forgiveness. Marty thanks Starr for her compassion.


Marcie and Tommy visit Michael at the hospital with dinner. Marcie tells him that she talked to Natalie and that John is very agitated regarding Spencer's release. While Michael rants about his displeasure with the Truman case, Marcie manages to calm him with her love. Michael expresses how lucky he is to have Marcie and Tommy as his family. Marcie leaves Michael with a kiss, then takes Tommy home.

As he goes over his patient charts, a nurse informs Michael that an accident victim will be arriving soon.

When they arrive home, Antonio makes a comment that Nash and Layla got along great. Jessica remarks that she's afraid that Nash will hurt Layla, leaving Antonio to ask why she set them up in the first place! Jessica rambles by saying that she made a mistake and now doesn't think that Layla's the right girl for Nash. Antonio agrees to let the conversation go and the two concentrate on each other.


At Capricorn, although Layla and Nash continue to enjoy each other's company, Layla says that she's not ready for the dating scene yet. She goes on to tell Nash about Vincent and how he hurt her. Layla asks Nash if he knows how it feels to lose someone, and Nash says he absolutely does. Nash, too, says he's a man with a broken heart who isn't ready to move on just yet. They make a toast and agree to be friends.

Bo and his men are at the warehouse with guns drawn contemplating what happened to Blair. As the cop rounds the corner, he calls Bo over and they both knell down by Spencer.


When Blair arrives at the hospital, Michael demands that Todd wait outside the room! In agony, Todd thinks back to the accident and asks himself, "What have I done?" Unexpectedly, the elevator door opens and Spencer is brought in on a gurney!


Inside the examination room, Blair wakes up. As Michael tries to calm her, Blair blurts out that she's pregnant and asks Michael if her baby is okay.

Bo arrives at the hospital and Todd tries to play dumb by asking Bo where he found Spencer. Bo arrests Todd for kidnapping Spencer! Todd begs Bo not to arrest him and says he needs to be there for Blair. Suddenly, Blair is wheeled out of the room, and Todd goes to her. When Todd asks if she'll be all right, Blair says, "Don't worry about me, just save my baby" Todd is stunned!

Next on One Life to Live: Todd is shocked by the news of Blair's pregnancy, Marty brings Starr to the hospital, Adriana is once again furious with Dorian, and Jessica question Nash about his date with Layla

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