We Have a Theory

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Bo tells Evangeline about his theory where Spencer is concerned, Nash thinks Jessica is out to ruin his life, Todd lets Blair in on his scheme and John wants to go after Spencer...

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Evangeline goes to Bo, and he tells her that he thinks Todd abducted Spencer! Evangeline says if Todd does have Spencer, she doesn't even want to think about what he's doing to him. Bo reminds her that Todd could very well end up on death row again because of this. Evangeline comments that John is going to flip out when he hears that Spencer is missing, and Bo decides that he should be the first to tell him.

Natalie makes it clear to John that she will not let him do anything to prevent his recovery! Michael shows up and tells John he can't take any shortcuts. After John begs for him to go to his doctors to see if the skin graphs can be pushed up, Michael agrees.

Natalie joins Michael in the hallway, and Michael tells her that John's doctors can't speed up the process. Michael reminds Natalie that John is going to find a way to get to Spencer, that he'll never be able to put what Spencer did to their father behind him!

Jessica goes to Nash and tells him she has a tree on the roof of her car. When she offers to help him decorate it, Nash says he's had all the Christmas he can handle for one day. Jessica accuses Nash of being depressed and tells him she is not going to let him spend the holidays alone. Jessica asks him again to help her get the tree. Nash gets emotional, tells Jessica that he's not depressed, just upset that he's only a part-time father. He wants so much more, a family to share his life with

Although the pain in his hand is clearly there, Cris manages to paint again. Antonio shows up, and Cristian expresses that he wants to ask Evangeline to marry him but can't. He explains that he wants to buy her a ring and provide her with a life that she deserves, but doesn't have any income coming in. Cris says he doesn't want to feel like a freeloader all his life. Antonio tries to cheer Cris up by telling him that life is too short, that he needs to live now! And if he loves Evangeline, he needs to show her! Suddenly, Evangeline shows up and Antonio leaves the two alone

Evangeline throws herself in Cris's arm and tells him she's had an awful day. Cris kisses her, says that he's about to make her day better. Cris romanticizes Evangeline with wine and a massage, then tells her to lay back and let him take care of her.


As Spencer looks up at the slowly dripping water, he vows to kill Todd once he gets free! Spencer starts to hallucinate and thinks his mother is there calling out to him. Spencer remembers back to his mother on her deathbed and to the confession his mother made to him, to her last dying request "Please make Asa pay!" Spencer begins scrapping his arms on the chair, trying to rip through the duct tape

Bo goes to John and tells him that Spencer's van was hijacked by a masked man, that Spencer is missing. Bo explains that he thinks that Todd is behind Spencer's abduction. John tells Bo to do whatever it takes to find Spencer.

After Bo leaves, Michael gives John the news that his procedures can't be rushed. John expresses that he doesn't want to get out of the hospital for revenge, he wants to start a new life. He goes on to say that he can't do that until he finishes what he started by putting Spencer Truman away! Finally, John convinces Michael to do whatever he can to help him, Michael leaves Natalie also agrees to be there for John - no matter what.

Jessica apologizes to Nash that Tess can't be there with him and Bree, and Nash says he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him. When Jessica blurts out, "Will you just let me give you a Christmas!" Nash accuses her of feeling guilty Antonio knocks on the door and comes in with the Christmas tree in tow. They manage to get the tree up and lit, and Jessica says, "It's perfect." Nash barely smiles, but agrees.

Todd sits down with Blair and tells her that lies have kept them apart, that he doesn't want to keep secrets anymore. Todd says he has a confession "I kidnapped Spencer and I'm keeping him prisoner!" After Todd explains what he's done, Blair tries to reason with him, as she doesn't want Todd to go to prison. When Todd refuses to let Spencer go, Blair asks, "What can I do to help?" Todd says he'll torture Spencer until he tells him where his son is! Todd asks Blair if she'd be able to raise his son as her own. However, before she answers, Todd says that he doesn't think he could do it if Blair had a child with another man

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica tries to set Nash up on a date, Blair worries that the baby won't be Todd's and Evangeline demands that Todd level with her regarding Spencer

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