Jason-Shane Scott (Will) (ABC)

Tim Adams (Ron) (Soaps.com)

Wow, fans, it’s been a crazy couple of months with all the in’s and out’s in the One Life to Live casting room, and now I’m about to bring you a few more things to look forward to in the coming months! Tim Adams (Ron Walsh) and Jason-Shane Scott (Will Rappaport) will be returning to the show!

Creating the role of Will Rappaport in 1998, Jason-Shane Scott’s character had his fair share of drama during his on and off time with the show as son to Lindsay Rappaport (Catherine Hickland) and brother to the slain Jen Rappaport (Jessica Morris). Since last seen in Llanview in 2005, Jason-Shane has appeared on Desperate Housewives, CSI, and Scrubs to name a few projects! Fans can look for Will to come strolling back onto the show sometime in September 2007!

Tim Adams joined the cast as Ron Walsh in 2003 as the older brother of Marcie Walsh McBain (Kathy Brier). Since leaving the show in 2005, Tim has appeared in shows such as Rescue Me, Conviction and Law and Order. Although I can’t reveal Ron’s true motives for coming back to Llanview, fans can look forward to seeing him reconnect with his sister Marcie and all of his old friends sometime in October 2007!

As of yet, there has been no news whether or not Tim and Jason-Shane’s return to the show will be long-term, which isn’t likely, but stay tuned to our Soaps.com Comings & Goings page for all the latest in casting news!