Trevor St. John (ABC)

While fans of One Life to Live’s Trevor St. John have eagerly been awaiting Todd Manning’s conscious return, you may get some comfort in reading the blog of the man behind the fan favorite character!

In Trevor’s blog, fans will find the last news surrounding Trevor’s career, good luck wishes to castmasts who’ve left the show, birthday wishes to co-stars and when and where Trevor will appear next for fan events!

While you’re visiting Trevor’s website, be sure to stop by his store where you can purchase autographed T-Shirts containing Trevor’s photo, the One Life Many Voices CD in which Trevor participated in, and the many movies Trevor has appeared in!

I think those who decide to make an online pit stop at Trevor St. will find that not only does Trevor use his site as a place to display his impressive career, he’s made it a fun place for his fans to explore many neat Trevor features!

From to you… Enjoy!