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Michael Easton (ABC)

Fans may not know this, but
One Life to Live's Michael Easton (John McBain) is a man of many talents! Not only is he an actor, who's played everything from a seductive sexy vampire to an emotionally reserved police lieutenant, Michael Easton is a poet, a photographer and now a novelist!

With his summer 2007 release, Soul Stealer, a graphic novel, right around the corner, you'd think Michael would have his plate full! Well, I'm sure he does, but that didn't stop him from landing a co-authoring deal with New York Times #1 Best Seller Peter Straub to pen another graphic novel titled The Green Woman! Some of you may be wondering, "What is a graphic novel?" Well, picture a comic book format but in a novel sized book rather than a magazine.

It'll definitely be interesting to see Michael weave his magic through the world of fiction - something very different from his first publishing release, Eighteen Straight Whiskeys , a collection of poems written from Michael's heart while dealing with some very tough times in his life. Having read Michael's poetry, I can assure you, his poems will touch your heart, pull you in and give you a look inside the man behind those capturing blue eyes!

Soaps.com wants to wish Michael all the success with his upcoming novels. We eagerly await their release! To learn more about Michael and his amazing career, please visit his Official website!