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Tuc Watkins (ABC)

Tuc as David (ABC)

The man behind the character. recently chatted with One Life to Live's Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) about his current project "White Lies" and his time spent in Llanview. Is Tuc's new character Joe White similar to his Daytime persona? Tuc shared all!

Tuc celebrated the first premiere of "White Lies" on April 12, a comedy he described as a really funny show. "Not one of those plays you have to drag yourself to. It's nothing but funny, great entertainment." The lead role of Joe White was originally set to be played by actor Scott Patterson, who had to step down due to a scheduling conflict. Lucky for Tuc fans! "They had called me months earlier to ask what I thought about the production. It was a rad script and I expressed interest in taking part in it. They ended up going with Scott but he got another job so they called me one day. I had just wrapped up my storyline with "Desperate Housewives" and didn't have to be back there until mid-July. I jumped on a plane a few days later."
Wondering where Tuc finds the time to juggle Daytime, Primetime and now Off-Broadway he explained, "The timing was good. Usually timing is an actor's worst enemy. Does it, will it fit into the schedule? Luckily this fit."

Tuc is most notable for the comedic aspect he incorporates into his roles and anyone who attends a showing of "White Lies" will get more of the same. "Joe White is one of those guys who has everything going for him, a great job, as many women as he wants. As he ages he thinks maybe he needs to find something else in life. So does his mother. He tries to change his life but things don't go as planned. A sitcom of problems arise."

So fans, can you expect to see a little bit of David Vickers in Joe White? "There's a little bit of David in everything I do. Even if I played Cher I'd probably still have a little bit of David in there. We as actors tend to play a bit of ourselves. There's a lot of me in David and David in me. Actually I think I got the part because of the producer's mother. She's a fan of One Life to Live and wanted me to play the part because of David Vickers!"

Speaking of fans, Tuc couldn't say enough about his fans. "Soap opera fans are the greatest in the world. They're so articulate in expressing themselves and cunning in doing it in a place where you can be captive, airplanes, buses, the subway [jokes]. Seriously, I've never had an incident that took me by surprise. Everyone's been nice and supportive."

Stay tuned for part two of our interview where Tuc and I chatted about David's comical comebacks, Tuc's contract status and the future state of Daytime. Until then, check out Tuc Watkins In White Lies for information on how you can catch one of his performances and be sure to vote in the poll too.

- Amy Mistretta