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ABC live screen shots (ABC)

ABC live screen shots (ABC)

While you may have heard that
One Life to Live has been nominated for this year's Emmy Award for Daytime Drama Series, did you know why or for what particular storyline? Well, I'm about to tell you…

Although OLTL actor Trevor St. John (Todd Manning) wasn't recognized individually this year - as I personally think he should have been - the storyline surrounding "Todd's Execution" is what landed the show its Emmy nomination! Soaps.com wants to congratulate Trevor and everyone who made that storyline one of the most memorable moments for OLTL in 2007!

Now let us travel back in time to that breathtaking, nerve-racking, heart wrenching moment when Todd was about to meet his maker at the hands of the evil Spencer Truman - just to have Spencer turn around and save him from eternal hell…

As he's strapped to the table, the last dose of the lethal liquid in his veins - Blair screaming in terror, "No." - Todd has officially been put to death! During that same moment in time, proof comes in that he's innocent and Spencer Truman - the man responsible for Todd's demise - is forced to bring him back to life!

In other storyline recognition news, the storyline surrounding John McBain's (Michael Easton) mistaken death and "Funeral" landed OLTL director
Jill Mitwell the Director's Guild Award.

No matter whether or not a star was nominated for this year's Emmy Awards, Soaps.com is proud of the entire One Life to Live cast for all they bring to the fans on a daily basis!