One Life to Live Video Clip: Snoop Dogg Behind The Scenes! (UPDATED!) image

Snoop Dogg returns! (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

Updated on February 18:

If you can't get enough of seeing Snoop Dogg behind the scenes in Llanview, has yet another video clip sneak peek just for you!

Stay tuned, as he'll be performing at Blair Cramer's (Kassie DePaiva) night club, Capricorn, next week on Wednesday February 24!

Previously Reported on February 9:

Here's the latest behind the scenes video clip of Snoop Dogg's upcoming February 24 Llanview return! Be sure to watch the video to see what Robert S. Woods (Bo) had to say about him...

Previously Reported on January 5:

He'll be rocking Llanview again on February 24, but you can bet music sensation Snoop Dogg will be having a bit more interaction with the Llanview residents this time!

Watch this behind the scenes video clip of Snoop Dogg with such stars as Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan), Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan) and Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) on!

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