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Shenell Edmonds (Jeania Davis)

Shenell Edmonds (Robin Platzer/Twin Images)

Since February 27 the character of Destiny Evans has brought a strong presence to Llanview High School and has proven to be a cherished friend to Matthew Buchanan (Eddie Alderson). recently chatted with actress Shenell Edmonds about her young career and what it's like to be a part of the One Life to Live family. Your character has been like a breath of fresh air in Llanview, and you've really stood out from the rest of the teen scene. Destiny's feisty yet caring attitude was immediately welcomed by fans. Were you able to sit down with the writers and incorporate some of yourself into the character or was it already set as to how they wanted Destiny to come across?

Shenell: I actually was not able to talk with the writers about Destiny. I would interpret it as being handed a clump of clay, and as I go along I mold her into what I believe Destiny to be. Before your current role, you appeared in the family film "Couples Only," as Casey. Can you give us a little insight into how you set out for the One Life role?

Shenell: I did not set out for the role of Destiny. I was told I had an audition for a soap opera so when I got the callback I was extremely happy and very shocked. At what age did you realize that you wanted to become an actor and was Daytime always something you wanted to get into? Have you auditioned for any other Daytime roles?

Shenell: Well, it was not really a conscious decision. I began doing theatre at the age of eight or nine and really enjoyed it. Since then I have just gone with the flow. I’d never really put much thought into Daytime TV because everybody is usually at work or school when it airs. I haven't auditioned for any other Daytime roles. Were you and your family fans of the show before you landed the role?

Shenell: I had actually never seen One Life to Live before my audition because I’m usually in school when it airs. Now that I am on the show, I now realize how many family members watch OLTL and the number of people who have started watching since I’ve been on. Now that you've established a place in Llanview, can you share with us any struggles or challenges that you've faced when starting out?

Shenell: Surprisingly I didn't have any struggles other than realizing that I was acting for national TV rather than my family. Is there anyone special in the cast who has taken you under their wing? Anything you've learned from them?

Shenell: Everyone on One Life including production, electrical, and so on have been so nice to me, I feel as if they were my own family. They all showed me the ropes, and the secret passages to get to where I need to get to easier. If Destiny could have her own storyline, what would you like to see her involved in?

Shenell: I would keep Destiny in the same predicament she is now. I believe that the story of Destiny and Matthew, and Destiny and Shaun would keep her on her toes at all times. What do you do for fun? Do you ever get the chance to hang out with any of the other teen actors?

Shenell: I like to listen to music, get on the computer, hang out with my friends. Whenever I get the chance I also like to hang out with my family and travel. Are you home schooled or do you attend school and when do you study?

Shenell: I do attend a performing arts school, and I study whenever I get the chance or the extra time to do so. There is a tutor on set that helps all the actors when they have homework or schoolwork to make up. I don't really have a scheduled time for studying so I just do it when I get the chance. Can you give us a few sneak peeks at what's to come for Destiny?

Shenell: Well, Destiny is trying to find ways to confess her love for Matthew but there is never a clue as to whether he feels the same way about her.

One of our readers, Lovenoah, wanted to know if Shenell wanted a teenage love story for Destiny and Matthew or if she wanted them to remain just friends? "I would like for Destiny and Matthew to have a teen love story but I actually wouldn't mind if there wasn't one."

Whether Matthew and Destiny take that extra step, like Shenell, is just enjoying the great scenes that Shenell is delivering to her fans, and we hope to see many more in the future!

- Amy Mistretta