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Jason-Shane Scott (Jason-Shane Scott)

Jason-Shane Scott (Jason-Shane Scott)

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with former One Life to Live actor Jason-Shane Scott (ex-Will Rappaport, 1998 - 2007), where we talked about his time in Llanview, what he's been up to since and his acting career as a whole. Sit back and take a walk back in time with the actor who created the unforgettable character, Will Rappaport! We've missed Will's presence on the show, and we were glad to see your brief return back in October 2007. With the possibility of your onscreen mom, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland), returning to the show is there a chance they'll bring your character back too?

Jason: I hope so! I always love working on One Life to Live and I especially love the mother and son relationship with Catherine. Since I'm so close to my own mom, I always looked forward to our scenes together as well as scenes with Kale [Browne, ex-Sam Rappaport]. Do you have any ideas of how the writers could fit Will into Llanview?

Jason: I'm not too caught up on current storylines…but I've always felt that Jessica [Bree Williamson] was Will's one true love. I kinda feel like it is that relationship you have when you are younger and the timing just wasn't right. I could see a scenario where Will finds his way back to Llanview after all these years of trying to find true love but he just can't get over Jessica. I think what they went through with Megan is something that would connect any couple for life. You've appeared in a few films recently such as "Nightfall," "The Pit and the Pendulum" (remake), "Stem Cell," "Deadland," and "Kerosene Cowboys." You've gone from Daytime to Primetime to film. Which types of roles do you find yourself gravitating towards and does it matter to you being in soaps or Primetime or film? Where are you most comfortable?

Jason: Well, in the case of those first three films, we shot fast and it reminded me a lot of working on Daytime, just with the pace, etc. Then with something like "Kerosene Cowboys" it's totally different because you spend two full days to shoot a few seconds worth of footage. And I guess Primetime is somewhere in between. I love film, it's truly a passion of mine and is what led me to become an actor. I've always really enjoyed Daytime though, I appreciated working every day and watching a character grow over months and years versus only a couple hours. I also find it interesting when you play a character, a lot of yourself ends up coming through them, I think eventually the writers start to write for you… it's interesting. Have you auditioned for any other Daytime roles since One Life? Is this something you're interested in getting back into?

Jason: I have auditioned for other roles. I've found it's still like everything else in show business, it has to be the right role at the right time. I would definitely be interested in working on Daytime. I always really enjoyed it and I've always kept an open relationship with One Life to Live and have always loved going back. Your last film was "Kerosene Cowboys," that's due out November 7. Can you tell us a little bit about the film and your character, Vegas? Are there certain roles you tend to audition for over others or do you enjoy expanding your comfort zone by going out for dissimilar roles?

Jason: Well, it's the biggest film I've ever worked on. It actually isn't finished yet so I'm not too sure about that Nov. release date… [Laughs]! It's based on a semi non-fictional novel about post Iraq war fighter pilots. I play a fighter pilot with a few important sequences in the movie. My character's name is Vegas, which is ironic because in the book they called the guy Vegas because he was from Nevada. I'm from Reno, and we actually shot at the naval air base in Reno, which was such a cool experience. When I showed up and told the writer that I was actually from Nevada he thought I was kidding! Just a total coincidence, or maybe not. [Laughs] I tend to get called in for similar roles, but I'm always looking to try anything and expand. I think it's great when you can surprise yourself. You seem so busy! You've teased me on Facebook about a new pilot you've been working on. Any news on that front?

Jason: It's called "Emerald Acres." It's for the new Halogen Network which will be launching this Fall on basic cable across America. We are still waiting to hear on the exact future for the show. It's a half hour comedy and I play a wacky Zoo Keeper of all things! Definitely something very different for me. enjoyed chatting with Jason about his life after One Life, and we hope to one day see his character storm back into Llanview and stake a claim on what he left behind! If you'd like to stay up-to-date with Jason's career, he invites all of his fans to join his Official Facebook Fan Page.

- Amy Mistretta