has had a lot of fun traveling back through time and revisiting some of the original past characters - and finding out what the actors who played them have been up to since leaving their Llanview roots behind. Today, we bring you Margaret Klenck!

For those who don't remember, Margaret played Edwina 'Cookie' Lewis Dane from 1979 to 1985. You can watch an old clip of the actress in the video below - she's the one wearing the brown shirt with the triangle of yellow splash on the front!

After leaving the show, Margaret appeared in roles in films and Primetime such as "Hard Choices" as Laura Stephens, "Starman" as Casey Flynn, "The Twilight Zone," as Denny McDowell, "My Father, My Son" as Kathy, and was last seen in 1991 in "Dead and Alive: The Race For Gus Farace." She also made another Daytime appearance in 1993 on As The World Turns as Kitty Fielding.

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