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Melissa Gallo (ABC)

Not only has New Jersey native Melissa Gallo made a splash as One Life to Live's Adriana Cramer, she's taking her career to a new level once again in her second movie
"Tiny Dancer!"

Melissa plays Ati, a seventeen year old from Spanish Harlem who goes on to met a young choreographer who persuades her to dance and eventually ends up training her. Starring opposite Melissa is Shonn Wiley, whose wife did a cover shoot with Melissa's boyfriend, David Fumero (Cristian Vega), for a fitness magazine a few years back.

Shooting this particular film was a dream for Melissa, as she's danced practically her whole life and at one point even taught others the art! However, things didn't always go so smoothly during filming. Melissa had to learn the true Harlem Spanish accent, which was a challenge. She had to go through extensive stretch and yoga training in order to perform the modern and contemporary dance moves and work long 15 - 16 hour days to accomplish it all!

And you'll never guess who tuned Melissa on to the role for "Tiny Dancer?" None other than Josh Casaubon (ex-Hugh)! He had been at a party with the casting director when Sig de Miguel commented that he needed to find a Latino actress who could dance. Josh knew right away who would work for the part and the rest is history� Fans can look for the film's release sometime in 2007! would like to wish Melissa all the best and much success with her new film!

To learn more about Melissa and her career, please visit her profile page at Melissa Gallo!