One Life to Live: Terrell Tilford Cast As Dr. Greg Evans! image

Terrell Tilford (Plays411)

With recent talk of the show wanting to cast a love interest for Rachel Gannon (Daphnee Duplaix), One Life to Live has just cast a new doctor, who happens to be around the same age as Rachel!

Terrell Tilford has landed the contract role of Dr. Greg Evans, Llanview’s newest doctor, probably set to replace Michael McBain (Chris Stack), who is leaving Llanview in June with his wife Marcie (Kathy Brier).

The show hasn’t elaborated on any storyline details, including if this new doc will indeed be a match for Rachel, but we can tell you to expect to see this new face in Llanview on June 23!

Terrell’s past soap opera credits include his 2008 role on Days of Our Lives as Dr. Carrington, as well as playing David Grant on Guiding Light from 1998 to 2001. wants to welcome Terrell to the show!