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Melissa Gallo (ABC)

With all the cool storylines and landscapes consuming soaps these days, fans sometimes wonder� "What was it like to do that scene?" Well, Melissa Gallo (Adriana) fans, I'm going to give you an inside peek into the One Life to Live actress's first photo shoot portraying her character, Adriana, as a model for Craze magazine!

Although most women, at one point or another, have dreamed of being a high profile fashion model, Melissa absolutely hated doing the scene! Surprisingly, the gorgeous actress says she became self-conscious and confused with all the demands being shot her way, "Be sexy! Go!" Besides the pressure of having to act as though she'd modeled before, the star recalls that the stress of make-up, hair and wardrobe, running around like a mad woman was immense. However, Melissa goes on to praise all of the crew at One Life to Live for being so sympathetic to her needs. After the shoot was complete, she was able to take a deep breath and absorb all the "You did it's!" from the people who bring Adriana and all the residents of Llanview alive and into our homes five days a week!

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