Thorsten Kaye (ABC)

Way before Thorsten Kaye joined
All My Children as Zach Slater, fans flocked to their television sets to watch him on
One Life to Live as Patrick Thornhart.

As many of you know, the role of Marty Saybrooke was originated by Susan Haskell who happens to be Thorsten's real life significant other. When One Life to Live recasted the role of Marty, many fans were left to wonder why.

While Thorsten didn't confirmed if Susan had been approached to reprise her role, he did let his feelings be known about the recast. "I think it's a mistake." Though the
All My Children actor doesn't have anything personally against the actress who currently took over the role of Marty, he had hoped that the show would wait a bit longer to bring back Marty until after Susan gave birth. The couple is expecting their second child together.

Now here's something to think about� Thorsten went on to say that he doesn't know where the current storyline involving Marty and his son Cole will go, but if free, he might be willing to go back to One Life to Live!

As of now, the storyline is claiming that Patrick Thornhart is dead. However, if you remember, back in 1997 Marty managed to get Patrick's lifeless body out of Llanview only to find out that he was alive! Having faked one death, who's to say One Life to Live won't give Patrick life again�

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