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Welcome to Amy's "One Life in a Week" for June 18 and 20:

The writers kept it real, which landed them a big 'A' in my weekly report, as well as for writing a character who has quickly become one of my favorites, and for the 'mirror mirror on the wall Clint's not the fairest of them all' revelation. Storylines are heading in the right direction. Let's break it down...

Jeffrey to the rescue.
It can't be stressed enough how having a character who has a bit of mystery yet is warm, funny and cares about others is needed in soap operas. Jeffrey has all of those elements, which can be incorporated into so many lives. Not only is he a means of support for Destiny, they have great chemistry and could easily transition into being a couple. Sure, it would cause some insecurity with Matthew where Drew is concerned but so be it. Then there's Jeffrey's relationship with Viki and his job as a freelancer at The Banner… He could have made a name for himself by blowing the Pellegrino Fund story out of the water, but he didn't. He cares about Viki, wanted her to know about it first, and took the chance that the story would be scooped by another reporter in order to tell her. Life's all about taking chances, and liking Jeffrey and all he stands for makes it easy to invest in this character.

Will the real Clint Buchanan please stand up.
He's not Slimy Shady, but Clint has been and is as shady as they come. Props to the writers for finally showing Natalie's true characteristics by suspecting that her father was behind her John troubles. This is what we want to see! Viki appeared stunned, so much so that all of her eye flutters had me wondering if Niki Smith was going to make an appearance. She just may come back when Viki realizes Dorian had a hand in her investing all of her money into the now collapsed Pellegrino Fund. Anyways, Natalie sure as hell wasn't surprised by Clint's actions. Hurt, would be a more appropriate word. Clint's arrogance was true to form as well, so let's hope there's a long road to forgiveness for him on this one. Not only did he overstep, he caused more heartache for his daughter and had a hand in keeping Liam from his father. Things like that take time to get over.

Hello Toronto!
Well, the show didn't really shoot in Toronto, as "One Life To Live" Associate Producer Jared Kaplan shared with me:

In any case, it was a gorgeous location and nice twist that Matthew's internet girlfriend didn't live where she claimed in Toronto. Matthew got his first lesson in Internet Dating 101, but as much as the storyline has seemed overplayed from the get-go giving more depth to Michelle other than simply being a girl who wanted a guy to believe she came from a rich family will go a long way - if the character is to be a permanent one. Now that it's apparent she's in Llanview, next week we'll find out what her true story is.

Tea's uncertainty.
Blair had to lay it on pretty thick to convince Tea to climb aboard the Todd Manning train in the name of protecting their kids. Tea wants to protect the kids but also has a stake in Victor's safety, unlike others. Is Tea really helping Todd by giving him the name of a place where Victor could be or is she helping Victor find out if Todd, or someone connected to him, is the one they all need protection from? Tea is at her best when she's on a quest and not merely seen as a woman in distress. That's not to say I believe that Todd isn't protecting his family, he is. However, the majority of the time Todd's form of protection comes with dire consequences.

Are you enjoying the show? For what reasons and if not, why? Please leave me a comment and vote on whether or not you think Clint should be forgiven.

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- Amy Mistretta