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Rama loves her some Vicker Man. (TOLN/Hulu)

Can Natalie move on from John? (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy's "One Life in a Week" for May 21 and 23:

It was a very short week with only two days in Llanview, but at least we still have our soap. Victor was MIA, Todd was secretly watching his family, and Rama seems to be getting the most non-action in town. Let's break it down…

The secret tattoo.
Props for getting Tea out of the nursery and back into law, even if the love of her life is at the center of an investigation. Tea's gone through hell this past year, so it's nice to see her as a strong woman trying to help not only fight for Victor but search for answers surrounding what's behind the secret tattoo. There are other people clearly at the helm warning Todd to finish what he started, as the tattooed note stated. Someone wants Victor dead, and adding that to Todd's resentment toward his brother can only mean he's the one expected to carry out the hit. Having Todd monitor the goings-on with his family is a sure way to allow fans to believe he's doing just that while the actor's new character is off causing issues for Port Charles residents. Good visual element. However, with Jack left stewing without Victor's lack of presence in his life it's safe to say we're going to see him act out more like his two father figures have done in the past, which isn't good for anyone.

Loaning services to save The Banner.
We saw a bit of the old Clint resurface when he overstepped in Viki's bid to save her cherished family business. He may be offering Buchanan Enterprises money to help her save the newspaper, but Clint's never been one to sit back and allow others to disperse and use company funds at their leisure. Viki is getting a clear picture of this, which is causing major tension and could very well halt a future wedding for this once super couple of Daytime.

Natalie and Cutter.
I've always enjoyed loving to hate Cutter and hope we'll see a better side to him in regards to a possible pairing with Natalie. She seems up for dating him, and knows all about Cutter's bad side, but John's sudden reappearance in her life - re: the missed call - could either halt their plans or accelerate them, depending on her state of mind. This could end up being another rebound roll in the hay like what happened with Brody. If so, Cutter better wear protection… We don't need a little brother or sister for Liam running around right now.

Social Media 101.
Matthew is being very naïve to the world of social media. He's suddenly smitten with a girl he recently met online and has only talked to Michelle by phone a few times, yet he's professing that they have something special. The boy needs to wake up, listen to his friends' warnings and concentrate on dealing with the fact that he has a son who needs a father. It's commendable that Destiny is taking this responsibility on all on her own, but she needs to open up to allowing Bo and Nora to help her. Hopefully we will see Shaun soon. She could use her big brother/uncle right about now for support and as a father figure for her son.

Starstruck by Vicker Man.
Rama has been hit on by a visiting rapper, flirted with Cutter non-stop and was totally starstruck by David from his "The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo" days. This open marriage storyline should be interesting, as she clearly has more prospects to choose from than Vimal, who's very uncomfortable with the whole arrangement. Who would you like to see Rama have her first affair with? Vote below!

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- Amy Mistretta