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Welcome to Amy's "One Life in a Week" for May 6 - 9:

The lack of John McBain's presence in Llanview is in the air. David's still rocking the great one-liners, lovin' them all. Clint gave Matthew some long overdue advice. And the 'RiffRaff' that blew into town brought back a few 80s memories. Let's break the week down…

The Real Housewives Of Llanview.
One of the highlights of watching the show has always been the pure enjoyment of David's dialogue. It's nice to see David's dream of having a successful reality television series carried out in the reboot. He had a point in telling Todd he would be a great asset to "The Real Housewives Of Llanview," as could so many others - including David's wife who's been married more times than we can keep track.

Behind the hidden cameras.
Tea's house is bugged with a hidden camera, as is Shelter and Llanfair. It's becoming clear that someone behind the scenes is most likely monitoring Victor and Todd's family's every move. Todd ruined Victor's life - at the hands of their mother's brainwashing - so it wouldn't be a big shocker if someone was brainwashing Victor to do the same to his brother or if Victor was actually an imposter... No matter how many times they shake on a truce. In Llanview payback has always been a bitch.

A John recast is in order.
John would have never left Liam and is no longer with another woman in Port Charles like Natalie pointed out to Nora, so the character needs to be recast. Not necessarily so McBain can reunite with Natalie (They never got it right so keep the past in the past.) but rather to keep his Llanview presence intact. John was a big force in town and was mixed up in numerous storylines throughout the years. If the show can recast Matthew and Destiny they can surely do the same for John. If we can't have John back on the force we need a good side-kick for Bo. Natalie sleeping at her desk at the station isn't going to cut it. Read what posters are saying about a John McBain recast. I like poster 'Axl Rose's' suggestion: Grayson McCouch (ex-Dusty Donovan, "ATWT").

Coming to terms with today's digital world.
Viki to Clint in regard to The Banner: "The paper's in such trouble. Maybe I was just too slow to join the digital revolution."

RiffRaff causes an 80s flashback:
Alright stop! Collaborate and listen! No, Ice isn't back with a brand new invention, but the second RiffRaff spoke it was like an 80s Vanilla Ice flashback. It's no surprise that Cutter owes some shady art dealer money, which leaves his worries about the club questionable. Cutter's referred to Shelter as 'his club', and Blair's made it clear it's hers. It wouldn't have been a smart move for Blair to go into business with Cutter, other than as a manger, so unless we get some clarification RiffRaff can't take the club away from him. If Blair did go into business with Cutter RiffRaff, unlike the younger guy Blair approached in the first episode, just might be into cougars and could use her as a way to clear Cutter's debt. Rama turned him down, and Cutter following up with, "She's not for sale," proved he's changed for the better. The old Cutter would've promised Rama the moon and stars to wrap up that little business transaction for him.

Baby blues.
It's hard to buy that Matthew, who's been living with his parents all this time, has not been pushed to bond with his child. Surely Bo and Nora have had Drew over in Matthew's presence. Matthew and Destiny have frequented Shelter at the same time yet weren't 'together', so he shouldn't feel committed to her. Clint was right… Matthew needs to buck up, be a man and help take care of his kid.

Potty mouths in Llanview:
Many fans are unhappy with all of the swearing being exhibited. I'm used to watching pay channels and free online shows, so it's not an issue for me. It's actually humorous to be taken off guard when hearing some of the characters we'd never expect to go outside of the profanity box - something many of us are guilty of doing in the real world. poster 'Geddymd72' stated, "They have to experiment with the freedom of the new format. On HBO or Showtime, all the acclaimed series get their expletives in. I say, just let it fly for now." However, 'coldrain' thinks differently and stated, "Seems like it was added for 'realism' or just wanting to show off that they can get away with it without the previous television regulations in place. Maybe they thought viewers would enjoy it, but thus far it's seemed to backfire from what I've heard from anyone I know who's watched the new episodes. Feels like I'm watching an MTV undressed rehash. It's not sexy or controversial, it's forced and faked."

I hope all the moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day! Join in with your comments on the week's episodes, and vote how you feel about the swearing in Llanview…

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- Amy Mistretta