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(Tobias Truvillion)

(Tobias Truvillion) would like to give a warm welcome to One Life to Live's very own Tobias Truvillion aka Vincent Jones.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Tobias, and now, fans, I'm happy to bring you this up close and personal interview with the man behind Llanview's resident bad boy!

Amy: "Hi Tobias, can you please give us a little insight into the man behind Tobias Truvillion the star? What do you like to do in your free time?"

Tobias: "I'm a simple guy, very easygoing, love my family, and enjoy staying in shape, going to the movies..."

Amy: "Which Vincent Jones storyline have you most enjoyed playing so far? Is there a certain storyline that you'd like to see Vincent involved in?"

Tobias: "I really love them all, working with David [Fumero], Trevor [St. John], Renee [Goldsberry], Tika [Sumpter] - I really like the fight scenes, would enjoy being involved in more of those."

Amy: "Are there any One Life to Live cast mates who you have predominantly enjoyed working with?"

Tobias: "There are so many I enjoy working with, Michael Easton, Renee [Goldsberry] - I really learned a lot from Phil Carey and Timothy Stickney..."

Amy: "If there were one person you could star opposite, anyone, who would it be?"

Tobias: "There are too many to pick from... Wood Harris, Steve Harris, Isaiah Washington, Eliese Tyler, Queen Latifah, Tim Roth, Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie, Dorrian Mussik..."

Amy: "Do you have any new films coming out?"

Tobias: "Yes, "Blackout," starring Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Saldena due out in 2007 and "Delirious," starring Steve Bechemi, Mike Pitt and Elvis Costello.

Now, for some fan questions sent in by some of's faithful members, followed by some more curious questions from myself!

Qua wanted to know: "If you weren't acting, what would your career choice be?"

Tobias: "A coach or a teacher, I love children. However, I have no regrets and never look back. I'm very blessed to be doing what I love."

Angelafax asked: "What roles do you like playing best, the good guy or the bad guy?"

Tobias: "I love them all. I try to be true to the moment, to be the most efficient and true to each character that I play."

Scwcsc2002 was curious to know: "What's the main reason you got into acting?"

Tobias: "Acting actually chose me. I had a calling, not sure what it was, but listening to my voice, making some lucky and proper choices, having people who loved me... The craft blessed me!"

Tobias really wanted the fans to know that he is blessed with a craft. He's very much appreciative for everything he has, thanks to God, and is constantly on the search for the truth. However, Tobias realizes that none of it would be possible without the love and support of his family.

Amy: "Can you tell your fans something about yourself that they would never guess?"

Tobias: "I have a miniature Schnauzer named Diggit. A big guy like myself... most would think I had a Rottweiler."

Amy: "Are there any particular charities you're involved in?"

Tobias: "The Michelle Thomas Admiration Society."

For those of you who don't know, Michelle Thomas (Callie from The Young and the Restless and Myra from Family Matters) died from stomach cancer on December 22, 1998. Tobias expressed that he's very passionate about this particular charity.

Donations can be made to The Michelle Thomas Admiration Society at:

The Michelle Thomas Admiration Society
PO Box 3005
Upper Montclair, N.J 07043

Amy: "The staff at would love to hear what you think of our website. Can we get a quote from you?"

Tobias: "It's a nice site... I liked the polls, the messages boards, the in-depth interviews."

Again, wants to thank Tobias Truvillion for taking the time to talk with us today and for sending me these hot pictures to include with the interview! If you'd like to contact Tobias, please send your fan mail to:

One Life to Live
Attention: Tobias Truvillion
56 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

- Amy Mistretta