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Actor updates from April 24 - 30: has the latest scoops regarding the careers of the current and former "One Life To Live" actors. This week includes film roles, a state fair appearance, a wardrobe malfunction, Llanview recaps, spoilers, baby news, and more… resumes One Life To Live recaps and blogs:
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Charles Malik Whitfield on Golden Boy:
Longtime fans will remember Charles Malik Whitfield who played Dr. Ben Price from 1993 to 1994 - his first acting role. The actor will be turning up in Primetime tonight. Tune in to CBS' "Golden Boy" on Tuesday April 30 at 10:00 PM for his guest appearance as Darrell Reed.

One Life To Live Spoilers:
Read our One Life To Live Spoilers to find out who urges Matthew to step up to the plate and more.

JWoww's pre-premiere wardrobe malfunction:
We'll be seeing a lot of 'JWoww' as Shelter's bartender Nikki, and it appears the reality star had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction before the "OLTL" premiere last week. She tweeted:

Josh Kelly gives in to Twitter:
Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth) has finally joined the Twitterverse! His first tweet:

Catherine Hickland at the Delaware State Fair:
Catherine Hickland (ex-Lindsay Rappaport) will be taking her hypnosis show to the Delaware State Fair at 18500 South DuPont Highway in Harrington, Delaware from July 18 to 27. Call 1-302-398-3269 or visit the Delaware State Fair for her schedule and ticket information.

Tuc Watkins talks about being a gay, single father:
Tuc Watkins (David Vickers) sat down with Marie Osmond on Monday and talked openly about being a gay, single father to his twins (by surrogate) Catchen and Curtis. "A lot of people at some point in their lives think, 'Am I going to be a parent? Do I want to be a parent?'" Watkins stated. "And when I was young, I knew three things. I knew I was gay, I knew one day I was gonna be a dad, and I knew that Gene Wilder's 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory' was going to be the best movie of all time. So far, I've been right about all three." Take a look at these cute tweets of the actor and his new twins.

Kamar de los Reyes' Blue Bloods air dates: reported a few weeks ago that Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio Vega) would be guest starring on CBS' "Blue Bloods." The actor has tweeted his air dates so be sure to tune in!

Joe Lando in Freshwater:
Joe Lando (ex-Jake Harrison) is getting ready to start taping scenes as Sheriff Jones in "Freshwater." The film surrounds a group of twenty-somethings who are terrorized during what was supposed to be a fun weekend at the lake.

Erika Slezak on The View and The Today Show:
If you missed Erika Slezak (Viki Banks) on "The View" and "The Today Show" last week you can watch her clips right here on Slezak explained that the storylines will pick up a couple of months in advance - though they did age the younger crowd so "they could go to the nightclub and get into trouble." The actress began one of the interviews by stating, "It's as if the time never passed…"

Timothy Gibbs in Pacific Rim:
Kevin Buchanan portrayer (1998 - 2001) Timothy Gibbs has finished working on his new film "Pacific Rim." The actor will play a Marine in the story that follows what happens after an alien attack threatens the Earth's existence and how humans count on giant robots to fight off the menace. The film will be released on July 12.

Ilene Kristen in My Big-Assed Mother:
Ilene Kristen, who played Roxy Balsom, alerted fans via her Facebook of a short film, by Tekla Taidelli, that she worked on and stated, "I had no idea this short film might even see the light of day but here's the trailer unearthed by my buddy Margo." Charles Bukowski (Abel Ferrara) enthusiastically shares his unmistakable tales to a packed bar. At the end of his journey he's surprised by the crowd's applause. Some of the scenes featuring Kristen were shot at an "absolutely outrageous motel in Queens that rents by the hour." Viewer discretion is advised for the profane content in the trailer below.

One Life To Live history:
In 2001 Blair, pregnant with Jack, ran away to Mexico to have her baby, fearing that Todd would take him away from her. Todd believed Max was the baby's father and followed her there. He told Blair her baby had died during delivery then took Jack and gave him to some Spanish nuns at the airport. It wasn't until Blair told Todd the baby had been theirs when he found Jack, brought him back to Llanview and claimed he'd adopted the baby to replace the one Blair believed had died.

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