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Michael Easton's come back! (ABC)

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We fell in love with him way back when he first arrived in Llanview as an undercover FBI agent, and throughout the years, One Life to Live's John McBain has been a fan favorite. Well, I can tell you first hand how upset and devastated the fans were when the recent, disastrous pile-up supposedly took the life of the sexy, mysterious and troubled man behind those beautiful blue eyes�

Now he's back! He's alive! And we're all dying to know how the residents of Llanview will react to the news that only Vincent Jones (Tobias Truvillion) holds privy to, especially a particular redhead, Natalie Vega (Melissa Archer) who John had finally decided to give his all to before that fateful night in Atlantic City!

Stay tuned, fans, as the thread to this story begins to unravel. And to Michael Easton� Thank you for staying with the show! One Life to Live wouldn't be the same without you!

Ever been curious about the man behind the character of
John McBainMichael Easton? Michael's many talents include being the writer/producer/director/editor of the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead," various screenplays including a bio-pic, "Monty", about the late actor Montgomery Clift, guest appearances on Ally McBeal, 413 Hope Street and Diagnosis Murder, to name a few. He is also a published poet.
Eighteen Straight Whiskeys, a collection of poetry taken from his heart, was released in October 1997. I've read his poetry collection, fans, and it is awesome!

Michael enjoys acting, directing, writing, martial arts, gymnastics, and motorcycles, to which he often does his own stunts. Michael is currently awaiting the release of his first novel,
"Soul Stealer." To learn more about Michael and his career, you can visit his website at