One Life To Live Throwback Thursday Poll: Marty Escapes image

Marty escapes. (ABC)

Knocked out cold.

In this week's Throwback Thursday takes readers back to January 2011 when Marty Saybrooke escaped Llanview hospital…

Marty never forgave Natalie and blamed her for losing John's baby after having been pushed down a flight of stairs. It was later revealed that Eli had been behind the fall. However, the tension between the women continued, over John, and even more so after Natalie turned over evidence that proved Cole had shot Eli. Marty vowed vengeance against Natalie for destroying her family.

That vengeance came soon enough when Marty found out that Natalie was pregnant with Brody's baby - not John's. After many back and forth arguments, Natalie convinced Marty to stay quiet and was stunned when Marty interrupted her, John, Jessica and Brody's double wedding to expose the truth. Jessica went into labor and halted the reveal, but Natalie, who found Marty unconscious soon after, took her enemy to the Buchanan Lodge and threatened her to stay silent.

Unfortunately, Natalie's baby was ready to come into the world at that precise moment, and she was forced to let Marty help deliver him. John arrived and was introduced to his son. Later, while Marty was restrained to a hospital bed, someone approached her only to be headbutted by Marty! She manipulated this person further by escaping and tying them to the hospital bed.

Do you remember who Marty headbutted and left in her place? Vote your knowledge in our poll…

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- Amy Mistretta