One Life To Live Throwback Thursday Poll: Stacy Dies image

Kim was devastated. (

Or did she really?

In this week's Throwback Thursday takes readers back to February 15, 2010 when Stacy Morasco died after falling through the ice of a pond up on Llantano Mountain…

Mitch Laurence had Stacy kidnapped, believing the baby she was carrying was his grandchild. When Stacy told Mitch the baby wasn't Rex's, he threw her out into the cold night where Gigi found her collapsed in the snow. Gigi managed to get Stacy to Viki's cabin and helped deliver Sierra Rose. There appeared to be something wrong with the baby, so Gigi set out with the infant looking for help.

Kim found Stacy in the cabin and heard about what happened. Stacy wanted to go to the hospital to be with her baby, but Kim refused her, due to the weather. When Kim went in search of a blanket, Stacy snuck off on foot and ended up falling through an icy pond. Rex tried to save her, but Stacy disappeared beneath the ice and was never found. Kim was devastated when she came upon the scene.

Later, Kim looked at the hole in the ice and talked to Stacy about the new designer boots Clint had bought her - the same boots Kim had trekked through the snow in search of Stacy. Kim couldn't imagine a life without her best friend and left the designer boots beside the pond to keep Stacy warm.

Do you remember what happened to the boots that Kim left by the pond for Stacy? Vote your knowledge in our poll…

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- Amy Mistretta