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Hiding Lindsay. (ABC)

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Living with a lie.

When the show ended last January one cliffhanger leaving fans wondering was... Did Lindsay turn herself in after Bo and Nora let her go, assuming she would return to Statesville Prison? gives readers our version of what might have happened to Lindsay Rappaport in our latest "One Life To Live" Fan Fiction.

Michael and Marcie wake up in bed in Seattle, Washington. Their son Gabe rushes into the bedroom and cuddles between his parents. Morning cries erupt through the baby monitor, as little Eve, named after Michael's mother, demands attention. Marcie halts Michael from getting up, kisses both of her guys then heads out on baby duty.

Michael knows what Gabe's going to ask even before he does so, as his question had recurred numerous times over John's recent visit. "Why not tell Uncle John about the lady?" Gabe stares at his father through innocent eyes. Michael hates lying to his son and can hear Marcie's repeated warning that John could never know about their houseguest… She had been so relieved when John believed Gabe had been talking about his new imaginary friend.

Marcie reappears with their daughter just in time to save Michael from another round of questions. Just one look from Michael and Marcie mouths, "Again?" Michael nods and sends Gabe off to his playroom. "Why did we get ourselves into this?" Michael demands. One more time Marcie reminds Michael of all of the times their houseguest was there when they needed her. "It doesn't change the fact that she killed a man," Michael insists and recalls the moment Lindsay Rappaport turned up on their doorstep. "She should've gone back to Statesville like Bo and Nora trusted she would." Marcie knows it doesn't make it right but pleads Lindsay's case, "She killed Spencer to protect us from losing Tommy." From Lindsay's description of her conversation with Bo and Nora after the prison break, and how she helped save Nora from Troy, Marcie's still convinced that Bo and Nora knew she'd run - and still let her go. "You ran with Tommy and were caught. How long are we going to hide Lindsay and how many times are we going to have to lie for her?" Michael asks. "Do you know how hard it was for me to keep this secret from John?" She knows how hard it was for Michael and says, "But you did, didn't you?" He hates upsetting Marcie and kisses her on the head, knowing they have to deal with this issue now.

The couple hears a noise and looks to the bedroom doorway. Lindsay stands in tears, knowing what her presence has caused and cries, "I'm going to do the right thing. I'm going back to Llanview." Michael doesn't believe she will and that Lindsay will simply run off and hide somewhere else. There's a knock at their front door. Michael goes to answer it, as if he were expecting someone. Marcie and Lindsay pick up on that too and follow Michael to the door. Lindsay steps off to the side in order to hide then returns to Marcie's side to stand her ground. She's sick of hiding.

Michael opens the door. Lindsay sees Will and rushes into his arms, closing her eyes to the feel and comfort of her only living child. When Lindsay reopens her eyes, Bo is staring back at her from over Will's shoulder. Standing next to Bo is Nora. "How could you?" Marcie lashes out at Michael, still holding Eve with Gabe now standing among them. "I think we should move this inside," Bo warns. "Everyone will want to hear me out."

With the door closed behind them, Michael admits he couldn't lie to John but did convince his brother not to take Lindsay on his own. He returned to Llanview, told Bo and left it in his hands. "I'm not the commissioner anymore," Bo says. "And I'm not the district attorney," Nora adds. They've both retired to spend time with Matthew, Destiny and their grandchild and haven't forgotten what Lindsay did up on Llantano Mountain. "I forgave you then and I forgive you now," Nora admits. Bo talks about life on the run, and even though he feels Lindsay served her time he doubts a judge will feel the same since she didn't return to Statesville. However, if a life faraway with Will is what mother and son want, Bo and Nora will look the other way.

Lindsay knows this is totally out of character for Bo and Nora… They'd never turn away from the law. And what about John? After almost losing Matthew and now embracing the love for Matthew's child, Bo and Nora can turn the other cheek with a clear conscience. "And let me worry about John," Bo assures but warns, "It's time to go. Now."

After tears are shed, and thank yous and goodbyes exchanged, Bo and Nora lead Will and Lindsay out of the McBain's and off to who knows where… Initially upset at how Michael handled the situation, behind her back, Marcie now knows he did the right thing… by trusting Bo and Nora and reuniting Lindsay with her son - even though his actions could have put Lindsay right back behind bars.

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- Amy Mistretta