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Remembering their time on the show…

Last Sunday July 15 would have been "One Life To Live's" 44th Anniversary. caught up with some of the former Llanview actors who shared a few of their most memorable moments from their time with the show…

Patrick Gibbons Jr. shined on screen as the adorable Sam Manning from 2010 to 2012. His father shared three of his son's favorite memories, which were off camera, and stated, "After shooting a long day with Roger [Howarth, Llanview's ex-Todd, who has now crossed over to "GH"], Patrick's day was done and Roger had more scenes to shoot. While in the middle of shooting his scenes we waved goodbye to Roger. He stopped shooting and asked for a ten minute break. He told the crew he promised Patrick earlier in the day he would look at his toy cars and Legos. When we were driving home in the car, Patrick said to me, 'Dad, sorry to say this but I think Roger could beat you in a wrestling match.' Patrick still talks about that day." He went on to share, "The other memory was the day Kassie [DePaiva, ex-Blair] brought her teenage son JQ to the set. Andrew [Trischitta, ex-Jack] and JQ had a nerf gun war with Patrick in the dressing room corridors. After the day was done JQ gave Patrick a whole sack of his toys when he was young. Patrick told me to say, 'Andrew is like his real brother.' The last thing, I really think this is sweet, Patrick asks me from time to time, 'I know the show isn't on anymore, but I bet Roger and Kassie and Kristen [Alderson, ex-Starr] and Andrew and Kelly [Missal, ex-Dani] will want to go to the studio and just act. It doesn't have to be on TV, and Frank [Valenti, former executive producer] can be the director and Ron [Carlivati, former head writer] can write the stories. Won't that be fun, Dad? Can you call them and ask them if they want to do that?'"

Shenaz Treasury played Rama Patel from 2010 to 2012 and was happy to share her favorite Rama, who she misses just as much as we do, memory with"When my [Rama's] water (balloon) burst at the premier in front of everybody including my in laws and they discovered I was fake pregnant."

Melissa Fumero played Adriana Cramer from 1998 to 2011 and shared with us, "I think my most memorable moment would be when Rex [John-Paul Lavoisier] and Adriana first said I love you in the rain... with the rain and the way they shot it felt like such a classic soap moment. And I have funny memories of us being wet and cold."

Josh Casaubon, who appeared as Hugh Hughes from 2005 to 2006 reminded us of his favorite scene. "Chasing Todd Manning through the woods... in the fog... with a rifle. I remember questioning all day why the clean-cut, suit-wearing ADA Hugh Hughes would even own a rifle. Then Hugh, who's apparently ditched his rifle, finally catches up to Todd at a diner in the middle of nowhere, and pulls out a revolver and shoots Todd's gun - right out of his hands. Ahh memories... and things you can only do on a soap."

Thom Christopher played Carlo Hesser on and off from 1990 to 2008 and shared, "It is in some ways a "personal mea culpa [acknowledgment of a personal error or fault]," a memorable and so very honorable moment all combined" …when I won the Emmy for Carlo, I forgot to thank and mention my wife Judith. As I exited with the award, stage left, the wonderful PR rep for ABC-TV Rodi Rosenzweig said in excitement and glee mixed, 'You didn't thank Judy.' I started to walk out on to the stage to "mea culpa" and a "movie like" tug of war began with Rodi pulling me saying, 'You can't go back out... you can't go back out...' Judith forgave me, Rodi won the tugging contest and I have my Emmy wrapped in wonderful memories of 'OLTL'."

Tobias Truvillion, who played Vincent Jones from 2006 to 2008, shared two special moments between him and two of his Llanview castmates. "We were shooting a scene, I can't remember what scene, and Bob Woods [ex-Bo] dropped a rubber ducky from the rafters right on me. It startled me at first, but everyone started clapping and smiling. That was Bob's way of saying welcome to the club (he didn't do that for everyone). It made me feel very special. I miss him. Oh one day Phil [Carey, ex-Asa] was in the studio and this was toward him making his transition and he wasn't moving as well. Anyway, I was so intimidated by him because of his old war, cowboy presence. So he's leaving the studio and I offered to walk him to the corner to call him a cab. He kept saying, 'No, I'm okay,' because of the type of guy he was. So finally I said just let me do my job (as a young man to help him)! Anyway we walk to the corner and at the corner I'm trying to get him a cab and I say, 'Wow, what a nice day,' (tryin to make small talk). He says, 'Depending on what you gotta do!' So I'm like… okay. Finally a cab comes and I open the door and he says, 'Thank you, baby,' with a smile - his way of saying you're alright with me. I remember walking away feeling very proud that I did the right thing and stood up to him.

Chris Beetem, who played Tate Harmon in 2007, revealed one of his favorite memories with John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex). "Playing a lot of Texas Hold 'Em Poker with JPL when we weren't on set."

Longtime fans may remember Javier Morga, who played Tico Santi from 2004 to 2005. The actor caught up with to reveal his favorite Llanview memory and stated, "My most memorable Tico moment would have to be a big fighting scene with Christian Vega (David Fumero) which was staged by the late Danny Aiello III [ex-stunt coordinator]. It was my first fighting scene on 'OLTL' and I remember how Danny took his time with David and me rehearsing the scene until we got it right. To this day, this scene is on my reel." wants to thank the actors for sharing their memories! We miss all of them and Llanview dearly! Who was your favorite "One Life To Live" character and/or storyline? Please share them in the comment section!

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