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Welcome to Amy's
"One Life in a Week!" (Sept. 15-19)

Welcome fellow One Lifer's! It's been another fun week in Llanview, and I'm still loving most of One Life to Live's storylines! However, there are a few things that I must rant about. After all, things aren't always peaches and cream in Llanview, so let's take this moment to run through some of the good, the bad and the ugly - in regards to some of the crazy schemes taking place, of course!

Cris in the Colombian prison…

"I'm not Ray Montez. I'm Cristian Vega," Cristian pleads with the guards - and Ray's wife… Oh, how I wanted to jump through the screen and either save Cris and bring him back to Llanview, or walk in his cell with a six-pack, ask him to have a seat and tell him to ride the storm - because the next crisis is bound to be worse. This character has been put through so much, even David Fumero (Cris) told me himself, that trouble just always seems to find his character. I like the addition of Ray's wife, Vanessa, and hope she can help Cris without getting thrown into the slammer herself!

Ray arrives in Llanview…

"I'm Ray Montez, and I am the uncle of Langston," Ray states, standing before Dorian and the Cramer girls… As you know from last week's blog, I'm a huge A Martinez fan, and I was overjoyed to hear that he'd be coming to the show. However, as I reported on Monday, A's role is short-term, only five weeks, so I'm saddened and left teased by his presence. Although Ray is supposed to be a murderer, I was touched by his scenes with Langston and felt that he was as well - to know this girl, the daughter of his beloved, estranged, and now dead, sister. I loved the look on Dorian's face when Ray expressed wanting to take Langston back to Colombia! The only thing that would make this storyline perfect would be if Ray strong-armed Clint a bit by turning the tables - and blackmail - on him!

Nigel's confession…

"Jared had a partner in crime," Nigel admitted to Clint… And what better partner to have than the loyal Buchanan manservant! I have always respected Nigel and have often wondered how he could give up his entire life just to be there for every waking Buchanan need. Though I thought it was admirable that he confessed his part in Jared's scheme to Clint, I wish Nigel had insisted on resigning and left the mansion for good! Heck, he could go shack up with Roxy again at the Angel Square Hotel, a place that he loved and with a woman who rocked his world back in the day. I didn't like how Clint forgave Nigel - with a warning to serve him as he would have Asa - and I'm not too sure if I want Buchanan Enterprises back in Clint's hands after the risks he's taken to get it there.

Tess's freak show from within the secret room…

"Tess! Tess is back," Natalie screamed to Jared from the secret room… Okay, while I am still excited about Tess's return, I want to see more than Natalie locked up and Jared at Tess's mercy. However, if Tess can manage to sway Jared back in bed - of his own accord - that'll make for interesting video from within the secret room - and from our living rooms!

Todd lays the smack down on Dr. Joplin!

"Is he still stealing drugs from the hospital?" Todd threatens Dr. Joplin, leaving her begging, "Please don't make me do this!" I'll admit, this is cruel of Todd, but as far as I'm concerned, the doctor should have thought twice about covering up for her son years ago - especially with Todd Manning living in Llanview. While I am sympathetic for all Todd is going through, for him to plan on having Starr told that her baby died, like he did to Blair with Jack, that's just downright cruel. Sometimes I don't know what Todd's thinking, obviously not planning ahead for the fallout, but I continue to label him as one of my favorite characters of all-time.

School's back in session in Llanview!

"Can whoever knocked up Starr Manning be my buddy?" asked a Llanview High bully on the first day back to school... It's hard to believe that little Matthew is a freshman in high school. Although Matthew's worries are normal, at least he has Cole to watch his back. I was very happy to see Cole stand up for Starr on the first day back - and think the show did a good service by writing Starr's character 'back in school'. So many young girls drop out, understandably so, and I hope this pregnancy storyline continues to help young girls who are going through the same experience, and to maybe, in some small way, make them realize they are not alone. And to those who have thought about picking on girls in this situation… shame on you.

Adriana returns for the count!

"I want a divorce," Rex tells Adriana... Now that Rex and Gigi are finally together - in every way - I am so ready for the whole paternity storyline to be over. It was nice seeing Rex freely be able to call Adriana out for her part in the charade, and while I'm more of a Rex/Gigi fan than an Adriana/Rex one, I will miss Melissa Fumero (Adriana) when she leaves the show for good. In the beginning, I was more concerned for Shane's reaction to the truth, but with the eruption of Brody's sudden rage against Marcie, and the fact that his mind is still reeling from the war… This is not going to be good!

To wrap up my weekly column, I want to thank all of you who voted in last week's poll! It was nice seeing where some of our readers post on the One Life section, and I encourage those who don't to try their hand at it. You never know when you'll find a friend along the way, and I just love reading what everyone thinks about the current storylines - and how their opinions change along the way!

I told you all how I felt about A Martinez's role as Ray, and about his short-term contract with the show, and now I'd like to hear what you think… Please don't forget to vote in the poll below before you head off to start your weekend! You know how I'll be voting!

Also, as an added feature, don't forget to watch the One Life to Live Fall Promo! Thanks again for stopping by! See you all back here next week!

- Amy Mistretta