One Life to Live's Jessica Morris Returns! image

Jessica Morris (ABC)

Most of you are probably saying, "What? How could she come back when she died at the hands of Daniel Colson (Mark Dobies) back in May of 2005?" If you're not a fan of spoilers you may want to stop reading now…

On October 1, 2008, Jessica will return to Llanview - through Rex's subconscious - as his deceased ex-wife Jennifer Rappaport. Back on August 27, 2008, we brought you news of another ghost set to appear on the show, Ty Treadway, so needless to say you can expect to see both Ty and Jessica's characters haunt Rex through a dream - one he will have while lying unconscious due to a… Okay, we don't want to ruin it for you, so stay tuned!

Since leaving the show, Jessica has appeared in numerous films and Primetime shows including "Afterlife," "South Beach," "Demons," Dead Man's Hand," and "Role Models." Jessica has currently finished two projects, "Dangerous Worry Dolls" (Eva) and "Sorority Forever" (Natalie Gold), so keep your eye out for those as well! wants to welcome Jessica back to the show! Although her visit will be brief, it'll be nice seeing her again - and hearing what advice she has for Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier)!