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In need of help. (

And has an affair with her in the process…

The close friendship between Llanview's Roxy Balsom and Nigel Bartholomew Smythe was apparent to new viewers of "One Life To Live," but back in 2003 their friendship took a romantic turn. Roxy's first love, gambling, got her into quite the mess.

After wasting away everything she owned Roxy ended up owing an Atlantic City bookie $10,000. She and Nigel were friends, and he was the only person she could turn to. Nigel wanted to help Roxy and sold one of his prized possessions to do so. After giving Roxy the profit made from the sale, she went to Atlantic City to pay off her debt, but her love of gambling sent her right back to the card tables where she lost another $10,000.

The only thing Roxy had left was her salon, Foxy Roxy's. She and Rex cooked up a plan and hired an arsonist to burn the place down, in turn allowing Roxy to collect the insurance money. Roxy became nervous and asked the arsonist to hide the gasoline cans used in the fire at the Love Center. In the end, she and Rex were caught and sentenced to community service.

During this time, Roxy and Nigel struck up a heated affair. Nigel even quit his job as Asa's manservant to be with her and reopened the Angels Square Hotel. Though their affair didn't last long, their friendship remained. Nigel decided to go back to work for Asa and left Roxy as the hotel's new owner, which she managed until the very last episode.

Do you remember this moment in Llanview history and what Nigel sold to help Roxy pay back the bookie in Atlantic City? Vote your knowledge in our poll…

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- Amy Mistretta