One Life To Live Fan Fiction: Cole And Starr Get News In LA image

Supportive friends. (

James has news. (

"Todd killed Victor."

Sitting in their new Los Angeles apartment, Cole and Starr reflect on their dinner with Rick. Cole silently admits he has one thing in common with James… He can't stand Rick and dreads seeing what kind of video shoot he has set up for Starr today. Rick only said it would be a surprise and that Starr's booty shake, along with her fabulous voice, would dance them all the way to the bank! Starr thanks Cole for putting up with all of Rick's bodyguard jokes while pretending not to be her boyfriend but reiterates that Rick means well. He's doing everything possible to take her to the top. He already got her a spread in Teen Beat and a huge cash advance from the record company. "Yeah, for a percentage," Cole mumbles.

Starr responds to the knock at the door and gets up to answer. Cole reminds her that he agreed to act the part of her bodyguard in order to be with her and Hope. No one can know he's alive. She knows he's right and sits back down, as Cole heads to the door. It's Langston and Markko, who've agreed to join them at the video shoot… Langston for pure entertainment, and Markko as Cole's moral support. Joking aside, Cole expresses how proud he is of Starr and vows to always stand by her. They kiss Hope goodbye and leave her with the nanny, courtesy of Todd.

At the studio, Cole, Markko and Langston watch from behind the cameras as Starr shoots the video for her new single "Life After Buster Ridge." Langston laughs and dances to the beat. Cole cringes as the extras grind on Starr. "Just like old times, huh?" Markko elbows Cole, noting his jealousy. Rick joins them and wonders if 'Starr's bodyguard' has changed his mind. Cole refuses Rick's offer to star alongside his girlfriend, even if it means he'd be the one 'backing it up' instead of the guys on set. "It's probably for the best," Rick reflects. "You sure as hell couldn't hold a candle to Buster Ridge." Langston promises to show Cole Starr and Nate's "Jailbait" video sometime!

Later that night, back in their apartment, there's a knock at the door. Cole motions for Starr to stay seated. "Right," Starr acknowledges. "My bodyguard." However, when he opens the door, the last person Cole expects to see is someone who could blow his cover out of pure resentment. If for nothing else, for the fact that Cole was the reason he was no longer with the girl he loved. "James…" Starr whispers, as she joins Cole at the door.

James is momentarily taken back to see Cole, alive, but his presence only proves James' earlier suspicions that Cole hadn't died at all. Not wanting to make his visit about himself, or his ended relationship with Starr, James enters the apartment and closes the door behind him. "Your father's been arrested," James says to Starr, who becomes nervous, thinking someone found out that they faked Cole's death. He looks at Cole and clarifies, "This has nothing to do with you. Todd killed Victor."

In a panic, Starr immediately wants James to take her and Hope back to Llanview. Cole refuses to allow it and insists on going with them. Not wanting to waste time, knowing Cole won't back down, Starr packs a bag, gathers Hope and the three leave James, who agrees to stay behind and tell Langston and Markko…

If you watched "General Hospital" last week, you all know how this played out. Cole and Hope died while facing the threat of a head-on crash with Port Charles' Anthony Zacchara. If only they'd stayed in California...

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