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Will Kempe (ABC)

Ian Armitage.

Born and raised on the island of Bermuda, Will Kempe's character, Ian Armitage, arrived in Llanview in 1997 in search of Maggie Carpenter (Crystal Chappell), who had been with his mother when she died. Maggie knew nothing of the locket Ian was after, which led to a confrontation with her father, who returned it - empty. Maggie's cousin Andrew (Robert Wortham Krimmer) had in his possession a lock of hair that used to be in the locket and handed it over. Ian learned that Maggie's father had given it to Andrew in case something happened to him. In this case, he had died. This led to Ian learning that Guy Armitage (Simon Jones) wasn't his father. In fact, he and Maggie were twins! Ian never revealed the truth to Guy, who died, leaving Ian to inherit his fortune. Sadly, Ian died in a plane crash in 1998 and left his entire fortune to his girlfriend Kelly Cramer (Gina Tognoni) and Maggie.

So, where is Will Kempe now? After his stint on "One Life To Live," Will turned up in Primetime, in series such as "Law & Order" and "Charmed," and had a role as Pine Valley's Dr. Donovan Hillard on "All My Children" in 2007. The actor is married to Julia Kempe and still revisits his roots in Bermuda from time to time.

Relive a moment when Ian met with Maggie and Max (James DePaiva) to announce that he would be staying in Llanview through the video below.

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- Amy Mistretta