Tika Sumpter (ABC)

For you, Tika Sumpter (Layla) fans, I'm sad to report that she and hip-hop artist Precise have decided to end their partnership. The two co-founded the R & B hip-hop group Twise and have had many good years together.

Their venture started when they combined their names to form the title of their group, Twise. She and Precise then went on to join Universal Records together, where they spent a year before releasing the single, �Think Twise�/�Uh-Uhh.� The single was heard throughout radio stations in New York and Vegas. After hooking up with the Divine Mills label, the song was changed to "Paint the World, America's Anthem" and can be heard on the charity CD, One Life Many Vocies, put together by the castmates of One Life to Live.

However, don't worry fans, you haven't heard the last of Tika's beautiful voice! Sources say, she's very excited to take the solo step into the music world with a desire to produce a blues album in the future!

You can visit Tika and read about her career at Tika Sumpter.com.