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Victor escapes Allison's fury. (

Blair's devastated. (

You should've tied the ropes tighter, you crazy bitch!

In the bedroom, Allison throws her manuscript at Victor Jr., who's alive, gagged and tied to the bed. She rants about those who she despises more than life itself in Llanview and anticipates Todd Manning being stripped of his life once again and tried for Victor's murder. "Clint and Viki may have their daughters back, but Todd's about to lose everything he fought so hard to get back to," Allison seethes.

Victor glares at Allison, challenging her to come closer through muffled words. She smirks, sits at his bedside and touches Victor's face. "Don't worry," Allison taunts. "I won't force you to have sex with me like Margaret did. Who the hell wants another Lord running around Llanview?" Victor winks at Allison, who rips the gag from his mouth and spits, "How's it feel to be helpless, knowing everyone you love thinks you're dead?" In a split second, Victor pulls the remaining tension from the ropes, grabs Allison by the throat and squeezes. "You should've tied the ropes tighter, you crazy bitch!"

A struggle ensues, but Victor wins out. Allison's body goes limp. Victor wants nothing more than to get to Tea but ties Allison up before he goes. When he leaves the room, Victor realizes he's in the Buchanan Lodge on Llantano Mountain. He spies the lit candle on an end table and, for a moment, wants nothing more than to torch Allison's body in the cabin. He takes the candle, puts the flame to the curtains then pulls back. Victor backtracks to the bedroom, makes damn sure there's no way for Allison to escape then rushes out the door and down the mountain, never double-checking for her pulse…

Tea and Tomas barge into the Llanview PD just as Todd's being booked for Victor's murder. Tomas holds Tea back, as she lunges for the man who killed her husband. Blair takes Tea in her arms and cries, "How could we have believed he'd changed?" With fire in her eyes, Tea pulls back and states, "I never, not for one second, thought Todd ever changed." Tea knows how Blair feels, and has been in denial herself, but admits she and John were simply waiting for proof of Todd's crimes. Blair glances at Tomas, as if noticing him for the first time, falls to the floor and sobs. "I would've never left you." Tomas brushes back her tear-soaked hair. "No matter how much I hated Victor, I couldn't have taken him from his family, not this time."

Todd pleads, through tears of confusion and sorrow. "Blair, you have to believe me. I was brainwashed and only later realized that I killed my own brother." Blair slowly stands and goes to the man she'd planned to give herself to one last time. She slaps Todd hard across his scarred face, devastated by the loss yet again. Dani appears with Nate by her side. Tea places an arm around her daughter, knowing they'll all have to relive Victor's death during the trial. Jack appears next. Tea looks at Blair and admits, "I called them." John decides everyone needs to take a step back before something else prevents them from putting Todd away for life - for good, this time.

As though he were the little boy Peter Manning abused but still the man Irene brainwashed, Todd stumbles backward. He slides his body down the wall outside of Bo's office and cries. "It's the end of the line, Manning." John pulls him up by his shirt and starts dragging him down the hall to the cells. "Stop!" Everyone turns, in shock. Victor pushes the forest ranger aside and stands before his twin brother. "As much as I'd like to pin my murder on you…" Tea and Dani rush into Victor's arms. How is this even possible? They saw him lying in his own blood on their living room floor and watched as the zipper of the body bag closed over his lifeless face.

Jack starts to take a step toward the man he knew as his father. Victor stares at Jack then looks from Blair to Todd. Just when Blair thought her whole world was slipping away, she crawls out of Tomas' arms and starts toward her son. Jack walks toward Victor and embraces him, looking at 'Scarface' from over Victor's shoulder. Blair holds on to the hope that Todd had nothing to do with Victor's faked death, but Jack still believes Todd came back to Llanview to accomplish everything that's unfolded. In the span of minutes, Victor sets the record straight and reveals that McBain will find the real culprit tied to a bed in a cabin up on Llantano Mountain.

The forest ranger leaves to show John where he found Victor, as Victor's family digests his presence, and Blair once again finds herself torn between the love of her life and the man now standing by her side, Tomas.

Do you think Blair decides to put the past behind her for good? Or will she try to help Todd rebuild the family they almost lost? Share your theories in the comment section, as well as what you'd like to hear touch base on next in our "One Life To Live" fan fiction.

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