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Jessica & Nash (ABC)

A finally act of love traced on the palm of her hand.

Jessica Buchanan has had her fair share of true loves over the years. Some were from her teenage years, others later in life and some stemmed from times when she'd been lost in her own head. One of her alters, Tess, fell in love with a few men, who Jessica later fell for as well. One of the most memorable ones was Nash Brennan.

Tess first met Nash in July 2005 when she escaped Jessica's life in Llanview and headed to New York City. After stealing from Nash, Tess ran into him at his friend's party. Nash came to Tess' rescue and saved her from being drugged and raped by Bruce Bartlet, and later became drawn to her after a series of wild encounters. The two fell in love. Nash's curiosity led him to do a background check on Tess, which revealed she was really Jessica with D.I.D. Tess admitted her identity to Nash, became pregnant and broke his heart when she disappeared one day.

Nash traced Tess back to Llanview and realized it had been Jessica who left him. Tess reemerged a few times, fell back into Nash's arms and delivered their daughter, Bree. After Jessica's integration, Nash still saw parts of Tess in her and the couple fell in love and married. Jessica supported Nash's dream to own a vineyard, but he wouldn't accept her money to keep it from going under. Jared Banks became Nash's new business partner and ended up losing the vineyard after it was revealed that Jared wasn't a Buchanan. During a fight with Jared, Nash fell through a skylight at The Palace and after tracing a heart in the palm of Jessica's hand, he died, leaving her devastated.

Do you remember this moment in Llanview history and what Tess initially stole from Nash during one of their first encounters? Vote your knowledge in our poll…

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- Amy Mistretta