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Thanks to Vanessa for sending us these photos!

Tallulah watching her onscreen mom on The View!

One Life to Live fans have quickly been captivated by the cute little Shit-zu, Tallulah Bean, who has been playing Tina Lord Roberts' (Andrea Evans) dog, David Vickers, as of late, so we thought it would be fun to chat with Tallulah's owner, Vanessa, and find out how her little bundle of joy became so talented and got her start in the business!

Being a dog lover myself, with a little Yorkshire Terrier that I just couldn't live without, Tallulah really caught my eye, and I've gotten a kick out of watching Llanview's newest little resident interact with the character's namesake David Vickers (Tuc Watkins) and her onscreen owner Tina.

Now sit back while we chat with Tallulah, through Vanessa, and get the scoop on all that surrounds daytime's cutest pet!

Amy: How old is Tallulah Bean?

Vanessa: "A lady never reveals her true age!"

Amy: We've watched Tallulah on YouTube and have seen her retrieve a tissue, show where the cheese is stored, copy a sneeze, roll over, go get her kitty, etc. At what age did you know Tallulah had these special talents? Did you have anyone besides yourself involved in her training?

Vanessa: "She was always very smart and highly motivated by food. I had one session with a trainer when she was a puppy. The trainer taught me how to work with her. Tallulah loves showing off, she's a real attention-hog."

For those who want to see Tallulah in action, you can view many of her videos featured online through our Soaps.com YouTube site!

Amy: How did Tallulah's role of David Vickers the dog come about? Did you come across a casting call or were you approached by One Life to Live?

Vanessa: "Tallulah has an agent who has worked with One Life for years. She submitted a bunch of pictures for the producers to look at. Then Tallulah and another dog went in to “audition”… and they chose Tallulah."

Amy: What's it like to see your precious dog on daytime television? Were you a viewer of One Life to Live before Tallulah became a part of the cast?

Vanessa: "It cracks me up to watch Tallulah on TV. I had friends who were huge fans of One Life, but I had never watched before. Of course, I'm an addict now."

Amy: Did you give any of the One Life to Live cast, such as Tuc Watkins (David), Andrea Evans (Tina), Melissa Archer (Natalie), John Brotherton (Jared) or Pamela Payton-Wright (Addie), any pointers on how to handle Tallulah?

Vanessa: "Everybody at OLTL has been wonderful! The actors, stage managers, camera crew, they all give her love and attention. She loves going to work. Andrea Evans has been especially great. She has two dogs of her own, so she knows 'dogspeak'. Tallulah gets small pieces of chicken during the day as she works. Anyone who will be in a scene with her gets some chicken to feed her. Plain boiled chicken is the best thing, because she can eat it all day and it won't upset her tummy. I stand behind the cameras and duck in between takes to give her her reward."

Amy: So far, what's your favorite One Life to Live Tallulah scene?

Vanessa: "I liked her “deep talk” at the bar with the other David Vickers [Tuc Watkins]. And she has some scenes coming up with Tina where she gets to run around a little bit, those have been fun."

Amy: What other projects has Tallulah been involved in?

Vanessa: "She's done mostly print modeling… catalogues and stuff like that. She also did an episode of Project Runway."

Amy: How long can fans expect to see Tallulah on One Life to Live?

Vanessa: "I'd love her to stay there forever! But right now I don't know how long they'll use her. At least through October, I've heard."

Well, Vanessa, Soaps.com would love to see Tallulah stay indefinitely too!

Amy Mistretta
OLTL Writer