The New Marty Saybrooke! image

Christina Chambers (NBC)

The search for Marty Saybrooke is finally over.

Christina Chambers (ex-Maria Torres-Evans, Sunset Beach) will fill Susan Haskell's shoes as the new Marty Saybrooke. The road to bringing Marty back to Llanview hasn't been an easy one...

In the beginning, they wanted to bring back Susan Haskell to reemerge in her Emmy-winning role as Marty, which she played from 1992 - 1997, but their plans fell through.

Recently, ABC contacted Sarah Joy Brown (General Hospital's ex-Carly) to take on the role, but the network and Sarah couldn't come to an agreement, due to length of the contract terms.

Brandon Buddy made his debut yesterday (Oct. 10th) as Cole, the son of Marty Saybrooke, potential love interest for Starr.

Look for the old revivals to come together with plans for Marty, Todd and Blair to go head-to-head like never before!

Aside from Christina Chambers role on Sunset Beach, you may remember her from numerous guest starring appearances in primetime and in the 2004 unauthorized made-for-television movie, "Charlie's Angels."

Stay tuned, fans, the Mannings and the Sabrooke's are in for one heck of a ride!