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Renee Goldsberry (ABC)

Ever wonder who is going to fill that fifth chair on the ABC show The View? Well, it seems One Life to Live's Renee Goldsberry wouldn't have a problem doing so.

A few months back, Renee was the first woman who was called to guest sit-in for Jones Reynolds after she up and left the show. Since then, Renee has expressed numerous times that she would love to take a permanent seat in that fifth chair. Seeing as the set of The View is only down the street from where One Life to Live is taped, it would work right into Renee's schedule: The View in the morning and One Life to Live in the afternoon.

With one seat remaining open, Renee knows there are a ton of women out there who they're considering for the job, but she's also remarked that if she were to get the call she'd be sitting right up there with the gals from the show in a heartbeat!

Good luck, Renee! We at wish you the best!

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