(Courtesy of ABC)

The search continues for the next Marty Saybrooke.

Although One Life to Live wanted to bring the character of Marty back to Llanview, they have found themselves at a standstill.

In the beginning, they wanted to bring back Susan Haskell to reemerge in her Emmy-winning role as Marty, which she played from 1992 - 1997, but it looks as though Susan will not be returning to the show.

Recently, ABC contacted Sarah Joy Brown (General Hospital's ex-Carly) to take on the role, but unfortunately the network and Sarah couldn't come to an agreement, due to length of the contract terms.

Brandon Buddy will be appearing as Cole, the son of Marty Saybrooke, potential love interest for Starr on October 10th.

So let the search begin... Who do you think would be a good replacement for Susan?

As soon as we know any further details, you'll be the first to hear!