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One Life: Many Voices (for Hurricane Relief) (ABC)

One Life: Many Voices (for Hurricane Relief) CD

Although it's been a little over a year, the devastation and heartache of Hurricane Katrina is still fresh in our minds.

Castmates of One Life to Live have put together this great collection of songs to help raise money for the many who have loved and lost in the midst of Hurricane Katrina.

Songs performed by the stars include:

1. Renee Elise Goldsberry - You Stand For Me

2. Melissa Archer & Johnny Archer - Remember New Orleans

3. Kathy Brier - Provincetown

4. Matt Metzger - Fairy Tales & Nightingales

5. Erika Slezak - Words As Music I

6. Tika Sumpter (Twise) - Paint The World (America's Theme)

7. Catherine Hickland - Let It Be Me

8. Dan Gauthier - Down To The River

9. Ilene Kristen - Flesh And Blood

10. Patricia Elliott - Letter To A Friend

11. Bree Williamson - Billion Dollar Rockets

12. Renee Elise Goldsberry & Trevor St. John - Borrow Mine

13. Kristen Alderson - Valentine

14. Nathaniel Marston - Ode To The Backpack Hug

15. Kassie DePaiva - Simply Love

16. Phil Carey - Cowboy In The Continental Suit

17. Timothy Stickney - Richard III

18. Kathy Brier & Trevor St. John - Louisiana Holiday

19. Erika Slezak - Words As Music II

20. Catherine Hickland - Both Sides Now

21. Kamar de los Reyes - Magic Is The Moonlight

22. Melissa Gallo & Eddie Alderson - What Can I Do For You?

23. Erika Slezak - Words As Music III

24. Paul Satterfield - The Prayer Song

25. Robin Strasser - Shakespeare Remix

26. Robert Woods - Star Spangled Banner (spoken)

For more information or to purchase this full length CD visit One Life: Many Voices.