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OLTL's Tina and Viki (ABC)

Andrea Evans (ABC)

Given the soon-to-come end of DirecTV’s Passions, fans have been speculating for some time now whether or not Andrea Evans (ex-Tina) will return to One Life to Live.

Sadly, we all know she recently wrapped up her final shoots as Passions’ Rebecca Hotchkiss, but One Life to Live fans will indeed benefit from the popularly zany soap’s cancellation!

Although rumors have been buzzing throughout the net to imply such a truth, for some time now, we are happy to report that Tina will be returning to Llanview! As of yet, the show has not released an exact date when we'll see the vixen storm back into town, sometime in June, but we know some of the current storylines could indeed prosper by her return! I could think of a ton of ways for Tina to come back – or better yet, reasons for her return! Maybe to make life tough for her estranged daughter Sarah (Justis Bolding)… Maybe to snag a new Buchanan man – young Jared (John Brotherton), or perhaps the real Buchanan son, David Vickers (Tuc Watkins), who is set to return in May… Oh the possibilities are endless! will keep you posted on Andrea's first air date in June, but until then be sure to keep your eye on our OLTL News Room for all the latest as it comes in!

Welcome home, Andrea!