Mark Lawson Coming to One Life to Live! image

Mark Lawson (ABC)

There has been much anticipation surrounding a certain casting call for a new One Life to Live character said to be named Quinn - a Navy Seal. Although we can't be sure if this casting news we are about to present you with is for a character who was originally one in the same, an ABC Rep has confirmed to that Mark Lawson has been given a role for a new character named Brody!

And if Brody is this Navy Seal, who had an original casting name of Quinn, his arrival in Llanview is going to make for a very interesting twist! Gigi Morasco (Farah Fath) has always claimed that the father of her son Shane (Austin Williams) died as a Navy Seal during a tour overseas. Now, just when fans started to believe that her high school sweetheart, Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) is really the boy’s father, this new character will be thrown into the mix!

But is he who we're inclined to think he his?

However, since this is all speculation, arising from what the writers have given us so far, we can’t be totally sure who or what storyline Brody will affect! Stay tuned as Brody shows up in Llanview on April 24, 2008!

Mark has appeared in the primetime hit "Cold Case" and the movie "Breakdown." wants to welcome Mark to the show! We look forward to your arrival!