Michael Easton To Leave One Life To Live? image

Michael Easton (ABC)

Well, fans, I can't tell you how saddened I am to bring you this news...

One Life to Live head writer, Dena Higley has confirmed that one of Llanview's major players will be killed in a fatal car accident. Although it hasn't been confirmed that it will indeed be Lt. John McBain, sources and fellow castmates informed viewers that John will be involved in a fatal car accident, leaving the people closest to him in a deep mourning.

As we know, Michael Easton did sign an extension to his contract that expired in August, but it has remained unclear for how long that extension was for.

Look for the shocking events to start unraveling on September 22nd.

Being a huge fan of Michael Easton, I want to wish him the very best in his acting and writing career and let him know he will be missed immensely if he does indeed leave. Who knows, with any luck, John will come back from the dead! One can only hope...