Vimal Patel (as played by Nick Choksi on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Vimal Patel

* Switched DNA results to make it appear as though Charlie Banks was Rex Balsom's father.
* Switched DNA results to make it appear as though Brody Lovett was the father of Natalie's baby.
* Did time at Statesville at his wife's insistence.

Who's played Vimal Patel over the years?

Nick Choksi (November 19, 2010 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Unknown
Past: The Sun's Information Technology Analyst
Past: Buchanan Enterprises researcher and developer

Past History

Vimal Patel first appeared as an important key in Clint Buchanan's scheme to make it appear as though Charlie Banks was Rex Balsom's father - not Clint. He also ordered Vimal to make sure Brody Lovett was the father of his daughter's baby. When Vimal switched the DNA tests he got confused and made Brody the father of Natalie's baby instead of Jessica's. Vimal confessed his wrongdoings to his wife Rama, who convinced him to use the information to blackmail Clint. When that didn't work out Vimal blew Clint out of the water at Jessica and Natalie's double wedding. There wasn't enough proof to put Clint away, so Rama convinced Vimal to take the fall. She made him believe she was pregnant and scared of what Clint would do if Vimal didn't go to jail. Plus, she had a plan to get her hands on some of the Buchanan money with the help of Cutter and Aubrey.

Clint was filled with guilt and confessed to the DNA swapping, which left Vimal a free man. He found Rama and Cris Vega kissing and was stunned when Aubrey revealed that Rama wasn't pregnant after all. Vimal walked away from his wife. While drowning his sorrows Vimal listened to a drunk Todd Manning, who admitted Marty had changed test results the same night Vimal had - and that John McBain was Natalie's son's father. Vimal wanted to right the wrong and tell John the truth, but Todd threatened him with bodily harm and gave him a job at The Sun.

The new pressure of knowing the truth led Vimal to confide in Rama. Though Vimal tried to tell John the truth, Brody convinced him to stay quiet, due to his love for Natalie's baby. However, the lie surrounding his non-baby soon came to a head when Vimal's parents arrived from India. They were so happy about their soon-to-be grandchild that Vimal and Rama continued to pretend she was pregnant. It wasn't until Robert Ford accidentally poked Rama's belly with an appetizer stick when the water balloon broke and revealed the truth. In the end, Vimal's mother made him realize how much he loved Rama, and the couple reunited.

Past Marriages

Rama Patel (married)

Flings and Relationships

Rama Patel (married)


Mr. Patel (father)
Mrs. Patel (mother)