Vanessa Montez Vega (as played by Jacqueline Hendy on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Vanessa Montez Vega

* Paid to have Cris Vega released from a Colombian prison.
* Raising Lola Montez.
* Shot Ray Montez.
* Asked Cris Vega to marry her to avoid deportation.

Who's played Vanessa Montez Vega over the years?

Jacqueline Hendy (September 15, 2008 - February 26, 2009)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Prisoner

Past History

Vanessa appeared on canvas in September 2008 when visiting a Colombian prison, only to find Cris Vega in the place of her husband Ray, who was doing time for the murder of his wife.

After Vanessa paid to have Cris released from the prison, she pleaded with him to take her and her stepdaughter Lola back to Llanview to protect them from Ray. Once they arrived in Llanview, Vanessa was shocked to see Ray at the airport - and shot him!

Once she was released into Cris's care, Vanessa and Lola faced deportation and convinced Cris Vega to marry her to do just that!

Though Vanessa has a hidden attraction for Cris, she also appeared to have many secrets, which surround Ray and the murder of his wife. When Ray arrived in Llanview, Vanessa shot him then was deported back to Colombia.

Past Marriages

Cristian Vega (arranged - to stay in the country)
Ray Montez (divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Ray Montez




Lola Montez (stepdaughter from Ray Montez)