Tomas Delgado (as played by Ted King on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Tomas Delgado

* Resided in Paris.
* Blair and Cris were led to him by the painting left behind in Eli's safe deposit box.
* Painted the portrait of Blair.

Who's played Tomas Delgado over the years?

Ted King (January 21, 2011 - January 13, 2012)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: A Struggling Parisian Artist
Past: Unknown

Past History

Tomas hit the canvas on January 21 as a struggling Parisian artist. He admitted to Blair that he found a photo of her at a flea market from which he painted her portrait.

Not able to get Blair out of his mind, Tomas came to Llanview to look her up. In turn, he visited his estranged sister Tea, who was devastated that Tomas left their family years ago never to return. Tomas refused to give Tea any answers and didn't hide the fact that he disliked her husband, Todd.

When Todd was shot, Tomas secretly tended to a bullet wound as well. All of this took place after a series of mysterious calls where Tomas and his caller discussed Todd.

Past Marriages

Yvette (estranged)

Flings and Relationships

Blair Manning Clarke Cramer


Téa Delgado Manning (sister)
Dani Rayburn (niece)


Sebastian (Baz) - son with Yvette.