Talia Sahid (as played by BethAnn Bonner on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Talia Sahid

* Deceased.
* Took the report in the Vincent Jones arson case.
* Stood guard outside of Spencer Truman's hospital room on Christmas day.
* Was killed by the Llanview Slasher.

Who's played Talia Sahid over the years?

BethAnn Bonner (December 21, 2006 - April 22, 2009)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Llanview cop
Past: New York City cop during 911

Past History

Llanview's newest member of the LPD, Officer Talia arrived in town on December 21, 2006. Her first day on the job was sure to throw her right into the swing of things when Vincent Jones' warehouse burnt to the ground! Officer Talia had to deal with an angry Vincent, but she stood her ground and didn't back down, questioning Mr. Jones as to who would want to destroy his property.

Officer Talia also made a few sacrifices during her first couple of days on the job. She took the holiday shift to stand guard outside of Spencer Truman's hospital room so the other officers could be with their families for Christmas, which gained her some brownie points with Detective Antonio Vega, who she later fell in love with and planned a happy life.

However, after traveling to Mendorro, it was revealed that Carlo Hesser was Talia's father. Though she was forced to marry Jonas Chamberlain, Antonio rescued and brought Talia back to Llanview, where she resumed her duties on the Llanview police force.

Just when Antonio and Talia were planning their life together, Antonio informed her that he was leaving town, on the hunt for Carlo, to ensure Talia and Antonio's family would be safe once and for all. While he was gone, Talia was investigating the Llanview slasher case, to which she ended up the latest victim - found stabbed to death in Dorian Lord's pool.

Past Marriages

Jonas Chamberlain (arranged marriage)

Flings and Relationships

Antonio Vega


Carlo Hesser (father)
Johnny Dee Hesser (brother - deceased)
Charlotte Hesser (sister)
Wilma Bern (grandmother)
Mortimer Bern (uncle - deceased)