Ross Rayburn (Past) (as played by Michael Lowry on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Ross Rayburn (Past)

* Hired by Todd Manning to help kidnap Todd's children.
* Was left on an island with Tea Delgado - by Todd Manning.
* Loves to surf.
* Agreed to help Blair get Tea away from Todd.
* Made a deal with Dorian Lord.
* Stopped Blair from breaking up Todd and Tea's wedding.

Who's played Ross Rayburn (Past) over the years?

Michael Lowry (August 28, 2009 - January 13, 2010)
Shawn Christian (2002)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Amateur Surfer
Past: Con Artist

Past History

In 2002, Ross was recruited by Todd Manning to help plan and execute the kidnapping of Todd's kids. When the plan didn't pan out, after Tea alerted Blair, Ross was on a ship, with Todd and Tea, and found himself shipwrecked on a desert island.

Ross fell for Tea, as did Todd, and managed to take her in a kiss, which Todd witnessed - then left Ross and Tea stranded on the island while he returned to Llanview.

Though Ross hadn't been heard from since, he sent his lawyer, Elijah, to Llanview with a warning for Tea in 2009. Blair Cramer located Ross in Tahiti and convinced him to trick Tea into thinking he'd given her a divorce - and to return to Llanview with Blair to finish out their plan!

However, after Dorian offered him money to make sure Blair didn't stop Todd and Tea's wedding, Ross forced Blair onto a boat, where the two watched Todd and Tea get married.

When Tea found out that Ross was back, and that they were still married, she refused to give him details about where their daughter, Dani, was, which set Ross on a path of destruction. He soon found Dani in Seattle, kidnapped her, as well as Blair Cramer, but was stopped from taking her into Canada by Todd Manning, who shot Ross!

Though everyone deemed Ross dead, after not recovering his body, he survived the gunshot and returned to Tahiti to find Dani and Tea there - then made his presence known! Ross helped Tea tell Dani that Todd Manning was her father, and Tea promised not to alert the police to his whereabouts - or that he was alive - then left him in Tahiti alone.

Past Marriages

Téa Delgado (married)

Flings and Relationships

Téa Delgado


Elijah Clarke (brother)