Marcie Walsh McBain (as played by Kathy Brier on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Marcie Walsh McBain

* Married to Michael McBain.
* Resides with Michael at the Angel's Square Hotel.
* Best Selling Author
* Changed the sonogram results for Jen Rappaport.
* Briefly dated Hugh Hughes.
* Lost her true love Al Holden.
* Turned Michael McBain's attitude around.
* Adopted Tommy McBain (Todd Manning's long lost son).
* Returned Hope Manning back to Starr.

Who's played Marcie Walsh McBain over the years?

Kathy Brier (2002 - June 17, 2009; Returned for three epsiodes: November 6, 12 and 13, 2009; October 25 and 27, 2011; November 3, 2011)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Substitute English teacher
Current: Author
Past: Receptionist for the Llanview P.D.
Past: Waitress at the Angel Square Diner
Past: Receptionist for Dr. Conklin

Past History

Marcie Walsh arrived in Llanview in 2002 as sort of a loner with a high-strung aurora about her. Working for a doctor's office, Jen Rappaport saw an easy way to use Marcie, who didn't have many friends. Jen being one of the most popular girls in school, befriended Marcie and convinced her to change some very crucial sonogram results. Although Marcie soon caught on to Jen's motives, the two girls, an unlikely match, became best friends.

Shortly after, Marcie would find her first true love in Al Holden. At the time, Al was addicted to drugs as a way to keep up with his grades and studies. Recognizing Al's problem, Marcie took him in and helped Al to kick his habit and they fell madly in love. During an anti-war protest, Marcie was knocked out and thrown in a dumpster. Unfortunately, when Al rescued her, he caught a liver damaging disease and died shortly after.

Now here's where the romance gets magical... Al kept 'appearing' to Marcie where they would have 'real' conversations. One day, Al saw Marcie with an acquaintance from school, a bitter medical student named Michael McBain. One day while with Marcie, Michael died and Al saw his opportunity. He took over Michael's body and had until Valentine's day for Marcie to realize it was indeed him. With a love so strong, Marcie recognized Al in Michael's eyes and the two were able to live their lives together with Al's soul in Michael's body as Al's spirit went to heaven with Michael's soul.

Marcie went on to write a novel titled The Killing Club compiled of fake murders made up by Marcie and some friends back in high school. Little by little, people in Llanview were murdered with the killer following her book. It was later revealed that Marcie's agent Hayes Barber was the one doing the killings leaving Marcie with a profound guilt for writing the book.

A losing his parents in a tornado, Michael and Marcie fell in love with and adopted a baby named Tommy. However, little did they know, Tommy was the long lost son of Todd Manning. After Todd found out, he set out to find Marcie, who went on the run with Tommy to Paris, Texas.

Though Marcie met Gigi, Moe and Noelle, who helped her out, after holding Viki hostage in an attempt to keep the law from getting to her, Marcie was forced to turn Tommy over to Todd.

After months of healing, Marcie agreed to adopt Starr Manning's baby, who everyone thought died at birth. Later, it became apparent that Hope was really Jessica's daughter Chloe - and that Jessica had switched the babies while under the control of Tess!

Once Hope was back in Starr's hands, Starr kept her word, allowed Marcie to adopt her, but Marcie knew that Starr was ready to be a mother then gave Hope back!

Marcie and Michael made plans to leave town, and they were happy to find out that Marcie was pregnant! In November 2011, they returned, with Marcie pregnant again. Marcie gave John some advice on not letting Natalie slip away and paid Rex a visit, where they grieved Gigi.

Past Marriages

Michael_McBain (married)

Flings and Relationships

Al Holden (deceased)


Charlie Walsh (father - formerly known as Ralph)
Ron Walsh (brother)
Eric Walsh (brother)
Jerry Walsh (brother)
Janie (cousin)


Unborn child (with Michael McBain)Gabe (with Michael McBain)